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New Book Urges Radical Rethinking for Would-Be Green Investors

Posted by Lisa Iannucci

Mar 7, 2015 12:44:35 PM

When it comes to your finances, author Michael Kramer urges reader to replace sustainability with resiliency and make investments with a global impact in mind. 

TOSING THE SEEMINGLY OVERUSED WORD 'SUSTAINABILITY TO THE SIDE, Michael Kramer, co-author and Managing Partner & Director of SRI Research Natural Investments, teaches readers about the importance of financial resiliency in his book, The Resilient Investor. The book not only focuses on preparing for future scenarios when the consumer focuses on creating a cushion for their golden years, but they are also interested in investing with an economic conscious.

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Demand for Renewable Energy in Europe Surges in 2014

Posted by Lisa Iannucci

Mar 1, 2015 9:22:58 AM

Statistics show that Europe's demand for renewable energy is on a serious rise with Germany leading the way. 

THE DEMAND FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY SURGED 26.5% IN EUROPE from 2013 to 2014. According to statistics released by the Association of Issuing Bodies, the demand surpassed 300 TWh for the first time and is comprised of nearly one-tenth of all electricity demand in Europe and one-third of all electricity from renewable sources in Europe. Read more about the report here

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Apple plans $850M solar plant to power all California operations

Posted by Lisa Iannucci

Feb 13, 2015 5:57:08 PM

Apple announces plans to build a California solar farm to power stores and facilities.

TWO YEARS AGO, APPLE CONVERTED TO 100 RENEWABLE ENERGY to power its data centers Apple converted to 100 percent renewable energy. This past week, at a technology conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company plans to build a 130-megawatt solar farm to power its California stores and facilities. Apple currently has two solar farms in North Carolina and one in Nevada and also announced that its global data command center to be built in Arizona will also include an investment of $2 billion and a 70-megawatt solar farm to power the center.

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