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Cathy Rust, Contributing Editor

Cathy Rust writes about green building materials, and where to find them in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.


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How Integrated Project Delivery Reduces Costs, Waste and Time for Construction Jobs

Posted by Cathy Rust, Contributing Editor

Nov 14, 2016 10:26:18 AM

To deliver a building under budget is rarely heard of, but throw in net zero while delivering a completed project four months early, and now you’re into territory that is pretty much uncharted in the construction industry.

At the Green Building Festival, Jen Hancock gave a presentation on how her company, Chandos, delivered a net zero building commercial project to the client, four months early, under budget.  I contacted Jen after the presentation because I wanted to find out more about how they accomplished this feat. Chandos isn’t like other construction companies and this is immediately evident when you see that Jen’s title is the Director of Innovative Construction. How many firms have that title on their roster?

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Canadian Alternative Construction Workshops Offer Diverse Skills for Would-Be Homebuilders

Posted by Cathy Rust, Contributing Editor

Feb 16, 2016 8:31:18 AM

The Endeavor Centre, based in Ontario, Canada, just released a great looking list of the workshops and training sessions it will offer in 2016.

In the wake of record-breaking warming temperatures, you might be wondering what you can do to lighten your carbon footprint. Besides curbing your air travel and becoming a vegetarian, you can looking at tightening your residence’s building envelope, or renovating using more benign materials. The Endeavour Centre in Peterborough, ON, hosts a bunch of different kinds of green building workshops, and the first one on designing your sustainable home will be held in Toronto on February 6-7th. The schedule for all of their courses is below, but visit the Endeavour Centre’s website for more information.

Workshops – 2016 Schedule

All of Endeavour’s workshops are taught by leading professionals who have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge. We focus on small-group learning in an open and fun format. Please check out our calendar below, and follow the links to get more information on each workshop. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Workshop Date Duration Instructor
Design Your Own Sustainable Home- Toronto Feb 6-7 2 Days Chris Magwood
Eco Paints- Understanding Healthy House Paints Feb 8 Evening Chris Magwood
BCIN-House 2012 Feb 8-12 5 Days Jeff Chalmers
Tadelakt plastering Feb 13,14 2 Day Mike Henry
Carpentry For Women Feb 27,28 2 Day Jen Feigin & Deirdre McGahern
Green & Healthy Home Renovation series: Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency March 8 3 hours Chris Magwood
Green & Healthy Home Renovation series: Kitchens & Bathrooms March 1 3 hours Chris Magwood
Ontario Building Code (BCIN) Legal Process 2012 March 12,13,19,20,21 5 Days
(Delivered over two consecutive weekends)
Jeff Chalmers
Green & Healthy Home Renovation series: Choosing Healthy Paints, Finishes & Flooring March 15 3 hours Chris Magwood
Design Your Own Sustainable Home- Ottawa March 19,20 2 Day Chris Magwood
Earthen Floors March 26-27 2 Days Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin
Hempcrete April 9 1 Day Chris Magwood
Light clay straw April 10 1 Day Chris Magwood
Compressed Earth Block Construction April 24th 1 Day Henry Weirsma and Chris Magwood
Renewable Energy April 30 1 Day Sean Flanagan
Carpentry For Women May 7,8 2 Days Jen Feigin & Deirdre McGahern
Build a Pizza/Bread Oven May 14-15 2 Days Tina Therrien
Fundamentals of Building Science May 27-29 3 Days Jacob Deva Racusin
Ontario Building Code (BCIN) Courses-Small Buildings June 6-10 5 Days Jeff Chalmers
Rocket Stove/Rocket Mass Heater workshop June 11,12 2 Days Andrew Brunning
Net Zero Energy Home Certification June 18,19 2 Days Ross Elliot
Plastering for Straw Bale Construction July-TBA 2 Days Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin
Solar Outdoor Shower July-TBA 2 Days Chris Magwood
Make a Wooden Cutting Board July-16 1 day Annie Murphy
Build a Pizza/Bread Oven August 6,7 2 Days Tina Therrien
Tadelakt plastering August 27,28 2 day Mike Henry
Spoon Carving September 10 1 DAY Wilfried Elzner
Ontario Building Code (BCIN) Legal Process 2012l Sept 19-23 5 Days Jeff Chalmers
Natural, Non-toxic Eco-Paints Workshop Sept 24 1 Day Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin
Renewable Energy Oct 8 1 Day Sean Flanagan
Making and Applying Your Own Natural Finish Plasters Oct 22,23 2 Days Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin
Hempcrete Oct 29 1 Day Chris Magwood
Straw/Clay workshop Oct 30 1 Day Chris Magwood
Design Your Own Sustainable Home Nov 5,6 2 Days Chris Magwood
Net Zero Energy Certification Nov 12,13 2 Days Ross Elliot
Straw Bale Building Workshop Nov 18,19,20 3 Days Chris Magwood & Jen Feigin
Carpentry For Women Nov26, 27 2 Days Jen Feigin & Deirdre McGahern
Rocket Stove/Rocket Mass Heater workshop Dec 3, 4 2 Days Andrew Brunning
Framing Carpentry for Women TBA 3 Days Jen Feigin & Deirdre McGahern
Tools For Teens TBA 2 Days Jen Feigin & Deirdre McGahern
Earthbag Building Workshop TBA 1 Day Chris Magwood
Timber Framing TBA 3 Days Mark Davidson
Dry stack Stone TBA 3 Days Eric Landman

Contact the Endeavor Center for More Info HERE


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