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Here’s some handy contact information and the Green Builder Media staff directory.

Editorial Offices
Green Builder Media
1050 East 7th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218
360.376.4703 (fax)

To advertise or for info on content marketing programs, contact Craig Coale
For green building consulting information, contact Sara Gutterman
For press/media inquiries, contact Cati O’Keefe
For magazine or website submissions, contact Matt Power
To subscribe to Green Builder magazine, visit
To change your subscription address, contact Mary Kestner
For back copies or reprints, contact Mary Kestner
For production questions, contact Mary Kestner
For information on our VISION House Series, contact Heather Wallace
For information on the Green Builder Home of the Year Awards, contact Heather Wallace
For inquiries on Media Sponsorships and Partnerships, contact Heather Wallace

Green Builder Media Staff Directory

Sara Gutterman, CEO

Ron Jones, President 

Cati O’Keefe, Chief Development Officer and Editorial Director
360-376-4702 ext. 105

Craig Coale, Publisher
360-376-4702 ext. 103


Matthew Power, Editor-in-Chief
360-376-4702 ext. 104

Juliet Grable, Managing Editor
360-376-4702 ext. 110

Mary Kestner, Production Manager

O'Brien Design, Art Direction, Print and Online

Advertising Sales
Craig Coale, Publisher
360-376-4702 ext. 103



Matt Power, Editorial Content Supervisor
360-376-4702 ext. 104

Mary Kestner

Special Projects
Heather Wallace, Director VISION House Series | Marketing & Social Media Manager

Drew Lyon


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