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Low-Impact Luxury

Posted by RESNET

May 29, 2014 3:59:16 PM

Light Footprint. An Adirondack-style home in idyllic New Canaan, Conn., incorporates the highest levels of sustainability. The near net-zero energy (HERS 14) custom home achieves luxury living with minimum environmental impact.

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Pushing the HERS Standard

Posted by Cati O'Keefe

Nov 11, 2012 3:00:00 PM

The Residential Energy Services Network Home Energy Rating System (HERS) is becoming the standard to gauge a home’s predicted energy performance. While HERS ratings have been used by energy-efficient builders for years, Kennecott Land raised the bar in mid-2011, becoming the first land developer to ask builders to get a third-party HERS score for all homes built in its Salt Lake City development: Daybreak. This TND is projected to include 20,000-units, and is about 15% complete.

According to Cameron Jackson, marketing manager for Daybreak, the company move was a success. “The topline result for why we did it at the time and why a year later we see it as a success is that it gives builders in our community a key differentiator between their new homes and existing homes.”

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