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Ron Jones, Co-Founder and President of Green Builder® Media, is recognized as one of the fathers of the green building movement. Instrumental in establishing guidelines and programs through NAHB, USGBC and a variety of regional initiatives, he has more recently worked with the International Code Council in the development of both the National Green Building Standard (ICC 700) and the International Green Construction Code. He is the charter chairman of the Green Builder Coalition, a grassroots non-profit advocacy group whose goal is to promote integrity in the building industry, and beyond, in an effort to return balance and harmony to the relationship between the built environment and the natural one. A recognized author and keynote speaker on four continents, his industry credentials and leadership experience, combined with his inspirational message and “take no prisoners” style, make him a high-demand presenter for conferences and events of all kinds.

Recent Posts

A New Front Opens in the Code Battles

Posted by Ron Jones

Jun 23, 2016 8:08:25 AM

The confrontation over resilient construction practices is just a continuation of the age-old battle between those who search for ways to maximize short term profits versus those who choose to deliver lasting value.

Another battlefront is taking shape on the already crowded fields of conflict that define the relationship between the regulatory sector and the homebuilding industry.  This is in no way intended to suggest that the ongoing battles around energy codes, proposed fire sprinkler mandates, storm water management, wetlands designations, silica rules, endangered species, updated overtime compensation requirements, and a host of others have been resolved, or that they have even been quieted significantly.  We simply have another brewing fight to add to the list…the call for more resilient buildings.

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No More Excuses

Posted by Ron Jones

Jun 2, 2016 10:21:35 AM

Builders need to take responsibility for their own standards of quality and performance.

These days, the bulk of communication and commentary emanating from the predictable homebuilding industry sources, as well as the trade media that pander to those same organizations, appears reflective of a well-choreographed, strategic campaign to rally anyone who will listen to take up arms against the evils of regulation.

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The Weakest Link

Posted by Ron Jones

Mar 25, 2016 12:23:15 PM

Most conversations with manufacturers about how to reach potential customers had little to do with even the most basic understanding of the industry.

BACK IN 2005 when we founded Green Builder Media, I was so naïve to believe that the doors to marketers at building products manufacturers and those who provide services to the residential construction industry would swing wide open when they saw us coming.

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Building Cathedrals

Posted by Ron Jones

Mar 22, 2016 10:43:56 AM

OVER THE YEARS, I have always enjoyed learning about the building of the great cathedrals through accounts provided by a variety of sources, from historical novels to television documentaries. The stories of soaring imagination and vision, amazing engineering and unbelievable physical exertion must thrill and inspire anyone who has any kind of role in the art and science of building.

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Sending a Message—The Homebuilding Industry's Keynote Choices

Posted by Ron Jones

Jan 14, 2016 10:21:55 AM

Has the building industry simply turned its back on issues like climate change, rapidly evolving technologies, emerging regulations, labor and materials, plus the economic uncertainties of building in the year to come?

Soon the 2016 edition of Design & Construction Week will be underway in Las Vegas just a little more than a week after the conclusion of the 2016 CES, the annual event produced by the Consumer Technologies Association, which was also held in Las Vegas.

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