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Jay's passion for geothermal air-conditioning and heating started during a repair to his own home air-conditioning system 1989. Frustrated by the extreme tropical climate which had added to the premature failure of his air-conditioning system, he modified his home air conditioner to become a ground water-cooled system. Jay founded EggGeothermal in 1990 to provide geothermal HVAC systems. As a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, EggGeothermal entered into a new age of acceptance. Jay currently focuses his professional efforts on geothermal consulting, writing, and speaking engagements. Among his clients are federal, state and local governments, developers, associations, and private entities.

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Recent Posts

Happy "Geo-Solar" New Year 2015!

Posted by Jay Egg

Jan 2, 2015 6:46:54 AM

Did you know that geothermal is really solar energy from our best solar collector? Well, it is!

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Where Have All the "Hot Water Generators" Gone?

Posted by Jay Egg

Nov 6, 2014 5:48:15 PM

Next to heating and cooling, a household’s second largest consumer of energy may be Domestic Hot Water (DHW) needs.


There is a device that is sometimes referred to as desuperheater, Energy Conservation Unit (ECU), or for our purposes, a “domestic hot-water generator”.  A “hot water generator” is a great way to provide domestic hot water or other hot-water needs while at the same time improving the efficiency of the heat pump to which they are connected. Desuperheaters are simple, but if misapplied, they can cause problems.

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The "Geothermal HVAC Dream-Team" is in Your Own Home Town

Posted by Jay Egg

Oct 13, 2014 3:10:47 PM

A geothermal team consists of all the parts to make a geothermal heating and cooling project come to fruition; and they’re likely right in your local area.  You may want to install a geothermal-solar system in your home, or have it deigned for a whole community, and the parts will be much the same.  Like a library full of books, the knowledge is there.  What makes knowledge powerful is when it is assimilated for a great purpose like earth coupled HVAC.

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Choosing A Window AC Costs More Than You Think

Posted by Jay Egg

Aug 1, 2014 11:25:00 AM

Don't let the initial low cost of an off-the-shelf window-sized air conditioner fool you. Before long, you'll be paying far more for that cool air than you would with an alternative such as geothermal.

 That back bedroom is just too hot! Maybe “they” didn't run a big enough duct, or you’ve never had AC there.

Cold Comfort. Window-sized air conditioners may seem like a good deal, but they're woefully poor users of energy.It doesn’t matter if you’re in a four room apartment or a single family home, the weather outside is hot.

The first stop for most people is the home improvement store, Amazon, or whatever else is available in a moment of desperation. We purchase a $200 window or "through-the-wall" air-conditioning unit, and pay tremendously high energy bills for a woefully inefficient product. Let's look at some of the real and intangible factors with regard to the cost of installing a window air conditioner, some of which may not have come to mind. 

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Storm Proofing; Come Inside and Out of the Weather

Posted by Jay Egg

Jun 4, 2014 11:47:30 AM

With geothermal heating and cooling systems, you can weather the storm and rest easy. The equipment is all inside, reducing premature wear and tear.  There is no equipment to encumber your landscaping or to interfere with children at play, and noise pollution is eliminated.  

On March 13, 1993, Floridians were awakened by what sounded like a passenger jet engine outside their homes.  It turned out to be 70+MPH winds from the fury of Florida’s no-name “Storm of the Century.”

Property damage was significant, and many were left without air conditioning when their outdoor condensers were destroyed by wind and water.  Clients with geothermal heat pumps fared better, sustaining no damage due to the "all-indoor" nature of a geothermal heating and cooling system.

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