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Is Green Certification Really Necessary?

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 10, 2016 3:39:15 PM

Programs such as LEED have been a good "entry point" for building more efficient buildings, but by following a cookbook of steps to cerfification, we may actually end up with buildings that are far less efficient than they could be if barriers to certification were lower (including cost and complexity).

Reprinted from Reinventing Green Building:

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Slideshow: The True Costs of Fracking

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 10, 2016 10:21:08 AM

The negative impacts of fracking far outweigh the short term benefits of cheap gas.


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In Effort to Speed Smart Lighting Adoption, Stack Shares Its "Code"

Posted by Green Builder Staff

May 2, 2016 2:02:38 PM

A new partner program opens up access to Stack's advanced technology.Stack-smartphone-app.jpg

Stack has just announced that it will offer access to motion sensing algorithms and ambient light sensor technology to third parties, under a program called "Stack Enabled."

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Should We Recycle Recycling?

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 2, 2016 2:34:00 PM

Recently, environmental journalist Amy Westervelt shared a thought provoking look at our current recycling practices. Her question? Is the way we recycle working for the economy or the environment, and if it isn't what are the recommendations.

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Is Wastewater from Fracking Being Used to Water Crops in California?

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Mar 23, 2016 8:03:08 AM

Environmental groups say that in drought-stricken areas, even organic crops are being watered with toxic water the oil companies want to get rid of.

Common Dreams filed this report yesterday:

Most U.S. consumers are unaware that so-called "organic" produce can be grown with fracking wastewater, much less that the practice is common in drought-stricken regions such as California. Two environmental groups, the Sierra Club and the Cornucopia Institute, today publicized a petition asking the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ban toxic irrigation of organic food.

"Consumers buy organic produce to support sustainable agriculture that doesn’t use toxic chemicals," said Alexander Rony, Sierra Club's senior digital innovation campaigner, in a press statement. "Oil wastewater puts the entire organic system at risk. If you can’t be sure what’s in your organic fruits and vegetables, what food can you trust?"

Federal regulations currently allow "produced water," a euphemism for wastewater produced by the fracking process, to irrigate organic crops.

The practice has grown more common in regions desperate for new sources of water.

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