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Disruptive Data Alert

Are you ready to tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence to help your company drive sales and enhance your bottom line?

COGNITION Smart Data, Green Builder Media’s pioneering suite of market intelligence and data services, uses cutting-edge cognitive learning technology to track web and social media content based on contextual information like geolocation, sentiment, emotion, tense, user groups, and source feeds to provide an entirely new level of understanding about customer behavior, engagement, purchase drivers, and buying trends. 

We blend this exclusive market trend data with our robust database of user-specific information, which we have amassed over the past decade from our ongoing interactions with progressive building professionals and homeowners, offering our clients a comprehensive outlook of the market and insight into their specific customer groups that they can’t find anywhere else.

Through COGNITION Smart Data, we turn market information into meaningful and actionable business intelligence, enabling our clients to drive sales, increase the efficacy of marketing and outreach efforts, develop products that match customer needs, and enhance business performance.

Contact us today to find out how to access our proprietary COGNITION Executive Dashboard for easy access to market intelligence that will help you make better business decisions. 

The COGNITION Executive Dashboard includes:

  • Brand Analysis—view how your brand compares to your competitors relative to source feeds, geography, sentiment, emotion, keywords, and product reviews.
  • Purchase Drivers and Customer Segmentation Analysis—track the activity of audience groups relative to purchase drivers, conversion trends, engagement patterns, and preferences.
  • Personas, Surveys, and Individualized Data—engage one-on-one with target customers to access survey responses and personalized information that is specific to your company, brand, and products.