Samsung and Dacor:

Dacor and Samsung are providing the appliances for VISION House Transcend. As a part of Samsung, Dacor also manufactures energy and water efficient, high performance products. Since the home will have a solar array, energy consumption is an important topic for this build. However, these products don’t just set the bar for sustainability, but also include advanced technologies and added features for ease of use.

The suite of products include: 



JinkoSolar’s PV and storage system ensures carbon-free power production day and night to make this home resilient and self-sufficient. Their Eagle modules are certified to withstand humidity, rain, salt, wind, hail and snow – the thicker back sheet results in fewer failures and less damage.

For optimal performance, the Eagle PV panels minimize white space between cells for a boosted wattage. Additionally, the Eagle RS DC-coupled battery storage system stores excess solar energy from the panels. It also has off-gas detection, battery monitoring and an app for current and historical usage.



LIXIL’s water saving products and technologies help VISION House Transcend with regard to water quality, supply, efficiency and sustainability. Their innovative products and solutions enhance the experience as well. For example, the Grohe water-saving dual flush system with DXV wall-mounted toilet, low-flow Rainshower head and SmartControl shower thermostat, combined with American Standard’s ADA compliant sinks, elevate the bathroom experience. In the kitchen, the Grohe Blue sink and water system delivers filtered, still or sparkling water.

Grohe products

DXV Products:

American Standard Products:



The Transcend homes will feature Uponor AquaPEX Plumbing and AquaSAFE Fire Sprinkler Systems, as well as Uponor Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling systems. Through Uponor Logic, the plumbing systems deliver water where it’s needed quickly and efficiently to cut down on unnecessary pipe lengths and wasted water due to poor hot-water delivery times.

The radiant heating and new radiant cooling systems are inherently efficient by using larger surfaces to distribute the energy needed. This is especially important as we start to think about decarbonization. Lower supply water temperatures in heating and higher supply water temperatures for cooling optimize the efficiency of heat-pump technology. Radiant systems also contribute to a healthy home. Because radiant systems don’t use fans or blowers, it cuts down on dust and allergens circulating throughout the home. Additionally, the fire sprinkler system adds another level of safety at VISION House Transcend, giving extra time to evacuate and a head start on damage control in case of a fire.



Sound will play a major role in the relaxing and therapeutic aesthetic and setting of Transcend homes. Sonos products in Transcend homes will include soundbars, portable speakers and in-ceiling speakers. Each speaker connects over WiFi for an easily controlled, immersive sound experience. 

The dwelling will have the Sonos Amp, an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker that when combined creates a surround sound experience. Move by Sonos will be mounted on an outside wall to bring the music to all parts of the house. The speaker is weather-resistant and is specifically tuned for the optimal outdoor listening experience. The products include a Ray and Beam soundbars, the Sonos One and Roam portable speakers and the Arc soundbar with a sub. The speakers also include secure and discrete mounting systems.


Arq Espacio:

Arq Espacio is a premium quality, energy efficient PVC door and window manufacturer based in Mexico. Their smart PVC multi-chamber system helps enhance thermal efficiency and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. The PVC material is also fire retardant, perfect for VISION House Transcend, located in the increasingly fiery west. 

The company produces aesthetically pleasing, acoustically insulated and thermally insulated windows and doors to meet homeowners’ needs. In Lake City, Colo., the double glass and insulating properties of PVC will help minimize the intrusion of cold air during frigid winter months. At the VISION House Transcend, Arq Espacio will provide a variety of tilt and turn windows, swing doors and lift and slide doors. The various motions and locking capabilities offer different levels of ventilation and make the most of small spaces.



The modular retreat will feature two doors from TruStile’s line of Tru&Modern interior doors. The Tru&Modern Infinite Rail TMR3001 has three kerf cuts or inlays horizontally and one vertically, drawing your eye to the sleek door. 

The next door used at VISION House Transcend is a custom door made specifically for this project. It is a stacked rail style with ¼” kerf cuts with White Lami glass inserts. The clean, strong lines aid in the contemporary style of the interior, while the glass inserts allow light to flow through the door without compromising privacy.

TruStile interior medium density fiberboard (MDF) doors are third-party Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified to contain at least 69% pre-consumer recycled wood. Its no-added formaldehyde MDF material and low VOC adhesives and primers contribute to better indoor air quality and a healthier home and environment.



Step into rustic comfort with Rekindle™, a concrete look inspired by the restoring effects of a peaceful lifestyle. Large formats available in five earthy tones allow for a smooth, neutral look in large spaces. Add shape and dimension with coordinating 2 x 6 herringbone or canvas dot mosaic, each available in all five colors. Rekindle™ features both StepWise™ and Microban® technology, which makes this a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor living spaces and offers a lifetime of built in antimicrobial product protection that does not wash off or wear away.



The local utility, Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA) and their co-op, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, are intrigued by this high-performance net zero build in the Gunnison National Forest. They hope their members will find the demonstration of these products helpful as they decide what energy efficient, cost saving measures to take in their own homes.

GCEA and Tri-State are using VISION House Transcend as an example of a high-performance and efficient home. They are interested in data surrounding demand-side energy management, time of use pricing, peak load shifting so they can fully understand the best path forward, including proper rebates and programs surrounding energy efficiency.

PowerWise Pledge
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At VISION House Transcend, Broan-NuTone’s Overture system uses sensor technology to monitor a home’s air. The sensors and plugs sense moisture, CO2, TVOCs and temperature. For example, when they sense a rise in humidity, they will automatically trigger the connected ventilation device such as a range hood or bath fan.

The Broan (RMP 17004) 30” Hood Insert will be connected to the Overture system to clear away toxins and smoke from cooking. This range hood is quiet, has four motor levels to choose from and dual-level lighting control. Additionally, the home will have Broan’s AI Series ERV, which brings fresh, filtered air into the house while removing stale, polluted air. The ERV brings the incoming air more in line with the outgoing air, which saves energy costs. For instance, if the air outside is hot and humid but the air inside is cool and dry.

All of these devices are connected to a mobile app that controls the system and provides both a simple and detailed report on the home’s indoor air quality and its IAQ history.



The home will feature Savona handcrafted hickory floors by CRAFT. The beautiful neutral, light grey and beige tones will open up the space and accent the surrounding Aspen trees. The CRAFT Elite Grade of Hickory used at VISION House Transcend is put through a multi-step, specialized color treatment process to create a light grey tone without changing the wood’s natural beauty. 

Not only are they beautiful, but CRAFT floors are made from North American wood, Chain of Custody certified to be legal, responsible and traceable back to a sustainably managed forest. Additionally, all CRAFT floors have a Declare label and are ultra- low emitting, rated Red List Free, certified to GREENGUARD Gold and covered by a Product Specific, Type III EPD.



For the crawl space, Rockwool is providing Comfortboard 80 thermal insulated sheathing to go under the slab. It is a rigid stone wool board made for continuous insulation applications. It also provides a line of defense against a possible fire, which is important at VISION House Transcend, located in the increasingly dry mountains of Colorado. This insulation absorbs sound, repels water, doesn’t rot and is made from natural and recycled materials. 

Additionally, AFB evo will be used in the interior wall cavity, which is a lightweight acoustical fire batt stone wool insulation. AFB is specifically created to reduce sound transmission while protecting against fire. AFB evo balances of rigidity and flexibility, making for easy installation. Also, the product has no added formaldehyde and meets the Red List Free criteria and declaration.

Rockwool ComfortBoard 80
Rockwool AFB

Lee Industries:

The furniture at VISION House Transcend will be both sustainable and healthy. Lee Industries’ beds, chairs and couches. Their furniture is handcrafted in the USA to produce one-of-a-kind products. Lee’s offerings include an assortment of upholstered furnishings for every area of the house, both indoors and out.

Lee Industries is committed to adhering to a set of values that focus on their customers, the community and the environment. They have local suppliers, which cuts down on transportation costs and CO2 emissions, and require all vendors to have a Code of Conduct. In addition, advanced technologies allow Lee to manufacture upholstery that features soy-based cushions, fibers made from recycled plastic, organic fabrics for upholstery, and springs made from 80% recycled metal for a healthier home and a healthier environment.



For the drywall at VISION House Transcend, USG Corporation is providing Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart panels for the walls and ceiling. The panels are a lightweight gypsum board with the same performance and strength capabilities as standard Type X, with lower environmental impact and weight

The panels have up to 21 percent lower global warming potential and 22 percent less weight to reduce transportation fuel consumption by 20 percent. The gypsum core is encased with 100 percent recycled paper, and the product is low VOC emitting. In addition, the panels are noncombustible and fire resistant for added safety at the forested and dry build site.



One of Caesarstone’s new nature-inspired designs, Layalite, will be showcased at VISION House Transcend. It is a pure white with gray veining quartz surface in a Honed finish. This biophilic design brings nature into the home. The light countertops open up the space and bring comfort to the space. Caesarstone’s products and practices drive human responsibility towards the environment and society by creating a connection with nature from the heart of the home. 

The naturally occurring raw quartz has been transformed through Caesarstone’s pioneering advanced technology. Since quartz countertops are the hardest stone surfaces, they are nonporous, hygienic and stain, heat and scratch resistant.



Prosoco is on a mission to help buildings look better and last longer through fine-tuned chemistry and technology. At VISION House Transcend, Prosoco’s air and water barriers with R-Guard protection are durable, resilient and sustainable. They are proven to withstand extreme weather conditions and greatly reduce air and water flow. 

Prosoco Joint & Seam Filler will fill openings and gaps to provide continuous support. It also complies with all VOC regulations and is solvent free, isocyanate free and phthalate free. FastFlash is a liquid flashing membrane to fill rough openings, joints and seams and to counter-flash waterproofing and air barrier components. AirDam will be used in all rough openings prepared with FastFlash. It is a gun-grade waterproofing sealant that combines the benefits of silicone and polyurethane products. It prevents air and water from entering or escaping around windows and doors, increasing energy efficiency and heating and cooling costs.



Arq Espacio


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