carbon offsets

Want Some Guidance?

If you’re a builder or developer who wants to offset your projects: For a high performance home that is 2,500 square feet, the accepted best practice is to purchase 100 tons of carbon offsets to mitigate the embodied carbon involved in the construction of the home.

If you’re a homeowner: According to the EPA, the average American home emits 7 tons of operational carbon annually. The average American contributes an additional 28.2 tons of carbon per year through daily activities.

If you’re an office-based business: An office-based business is estimated to generate 6.6 tons of carbon per employee per year. 

If you’re a manufacturer: This one is harder to calculate, because the carbon intensity of a manufacturing business fluctuates widely based on what is being produced, how large the business is, and where materials are received from and shipped to.  If you already know your company’s carbon emissions, then you can go ahead and purchase offsets accordingly. 

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