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In the United States, the average home is 35 years old. Nearly six of ten (58%) homes in this country were constructed before 1980—many of which have moisture, structural, and durability problems; lead or asbestos, poor comfort, indoor air quality, and performance; and hefty energy bills.

It’s high time that we take action to improve the sustainability of our existing housing stock. That’s why when distinguished building science expert Steve Easley and his wife, indoor air quality expert Susan Raterman, asked us if we wanted to partner with them on a full-spectrum retrofit of a home they recently purchased in Scottsdale, Ariz., we jumped at the chance.

The ReVISION House Scottsdale has allowed us to address the urgent topic of sustainable, resilient retrofitting. Uniquely positioned on a lake in McCormick Ranch, the ReVISION House Scottsdale showcases cost-effective strategies for remodeling an existing home into a net zero, all-electric, healthy, connected, resilient, solar + storage powered home.


About The Owners

Steve Easley 300x300Steve Easley, Msc, is an internationally recognized construction consultant specializing in solving building science related problems and educating building industry professionals and their trade partners. His work focuses on increasing quality of construction, sustainability, performance, and reducing costly mistakes that lead to construction defects and call backs.

Steve’s mission is helping industry professionals build & remodel structures that are durable, energy efficient, healthy and comfortable to live and work in. He has more than 30 years of industry experience, performing thousands of jobsite quality surveys and presenting building science seminars around the world with an annual audience of 8-10,000 industry professionals. Steve has been a Judge for the Department of Energy’s National Housing Innovation Award since 2014 as well as a Purdue University Polytechnic Distinguished Alumni

Susan Raterman 300x300An experienced consultant in the critical areas of air quality, mold mitigation, environmental hazards and industrial hygiene, Susan Raterman, CIH is the founder and president of The Raterman Group, Ltd., a respected consulting firm located in the Scottsdale, Arizona area. Susan specializes in identifying environmental health hazards and developing practical solutions that help her clients improve the health and comfort of commercial, institutional and residential buildings. She regularly engages in industrial hygiene consulting, indoor air and water quality evaluations, developing strategies for green/healthy building best practices, microbial investigations, infection control, sampling and remediation protocols, asbestos and lead hazard assessments and remediation oversight and litigation support.

Since 1987, The Raterman Group has provided services to clients in the construction, commercial, residential, healthcare, manufacturing, legal and public sectors.


The ReVISION House Scottsdale highlights how we can:

Transform an older, inefficient home into a high performance, net zero, all-electric, healthy and connected house.

Move beyond net-zero energy to net-zero demand, we have worked with local utility to deploy demand-side energy management systems that can shift loads by doing things like preheating spaces and water.

Create a healthy, pandemic-proof home with advanced ventilation and fresh air exchange systems, antimicrobial surfaces, and products like touchless faucets, voice-activated locks, and bidets to keep the occupants healthy and protected from germs.

Design a truly resilient sanctuary home, providing everything that the occupants need for peace of mind in a chaotic world, such as remote working spaces, workout rooms, and onsite power and food production for enhanced self-sufficiency.

Create a template for sustainable design that can be replicated—or at least considered—in projects across the nation.

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