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Learn about the latest technology in water heaters and how they are an integral link to today’s electrified homes. 

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While water heaters have gotten incrementally more efficient and durable over the past few decades, nothing compares to the leaps-and-bounds innovation that is currently happening in the market, particularly with Rheem’s rollout of its fifth-generation water heater, the all-new ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater.

Follow along for a quick tour of these water heater features to see the changes Rheem—a leading global manufacturer of HVAC and water heating solutions—

is making to its products that offer real benefits for plumbers, homeowners, and builders.

Learn more about the ProTerra’s:

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Leak detection and prevention.
  • Scheduling for time-of-use rates. 
  • “Battery storage” for the utility grid. 
  • Ability to fit into tighter spaces. 

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