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Flo Technologies 

Flo Technologies, Inc. is on a mission to prevent water damage and loss one drip at a time. With its smart home water monitoring and leak protection system, Flo gives homeowners the information and tools they need to proactively monitor their home’s water system and prevent water damage and unnecessary water waste. While many believe their home is leak-free, an average U.S. home loses over 17 gallons of water per day due to leaks. With decades of plumbing expertise, Flo is committed to preventing this water waste and protecting every U.S. home from water damage.

Flo webThe Flo System, a single device that protects the entire home’s water system, is installed on the main water supply line. The device has three sensors that monitor the home’s water flow, pressure, and temperature 24/7. With a daily health test, Flo monitors for any early warnings or indicators such as high water pressure, or micro-leaks that could lead to issues such as mold, or even a burst pipe. If a critical event is detected, Flo will automatically shut off the home’s water protecting from catastrophic damage.  With Flo, homeowners have peace of mind that their home is protected from water damage and is leak-free. In fact, Flo is so confident in its system that it offers an optional insurance deductible guarantee via its www.meetflo.com

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