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Jinko Solar

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar industry. JinkoSolar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial, and residential customer base in 78 countries around the globe. Currently the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world, JinkoSolar was also recently named 16 th fastest growing company by Fortune Magazine. The company has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with annual capacity of 5.0 GW for silicon ingots and wafers, 4.0 GW for solar cells, and 6.5 GW for solar modules.

Mono PERC black

JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc. works closely with top financial institutions and key stakeholders in the solar industry.  Publically vetted by trusted industry third party laboratories, JinkoSolar is one of the fastest growing and most reliable PV suppliers in the United States and Canada. The North American headquarters is located in San Francisco with 5 regional sales offices.

Sustainability Statement

Jinko Solar is committed to managing their product lifecycle responsibly and minimizing the environmental impact of their solar modules at every step of the production process, from design to fabrication to disposal and, eventually recycling. They also continuously make conscious efforts to conserve in the manufacturing process by reducing water usage, electricity consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Their modules help homeowners access clean, affordable electricity to power their increasingly connected and sustainable homes.

Product Provided to Flex House

The Eagle 60 Mono-PERC modules consist of high-efficiency, monocrystalline passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) cells. This high power module can help in space-constrained applications and reduces balance of system costs. With an all-black appearance, this sleek module blends seamlessly into rooftops. With up to 300 Wp and 18.33 percent efficiency, the Eagle 60 Mono-PERC is a natural complement to the technologically advanced components of a connected home ecosystem.


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