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SchoRBX-8140071_SRO_AZ_INFRONT_Hoch_gross_61-5x117-4_F39tt Robax®

SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics.  With more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise, we offer a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions that contribute to our customers’ success.

SCHOTT ROBAX® is a leading manufacturer of heat-resistant, transparent glass-ceramic with over 100 million fire-viewing panels sold in 40 years. SCHOTT ROBAX® fire-viewing panels engineered in Germany, ensure enjoyment while providing full protection, visual appeal, warmth and heat.  ROBAX® panels enable a close-up view and feel of the fire, with no danger from flying sparks. 

Our comprehensive knowledge of products, markets and consumers worldwide, allows us to provide fireplace manufacturers complete product development opportunities from concept ideation to development to consumer launch, backed by exceptional customer service.

Commitment to Sustainability

The people at SCHOTT ROBAX® inject passion into their responsibility boldly developing forward-looking innovations of glass-ceramic, a natural product consisting of 95% quartz sand and two other natural raw materials. Because we hold energy efficiency, raw materials, the environment and climate in the highest regard, our production processes are way ahead of German and EU regulations, and have been setting international standards for over 100 years.

SCHOTT ROBAX heat-resistant, transparent glass-ceramic panels, shown below in an application by Spartherm, provide a visually appealing, closeup view and feel of the fire without danger from flying sparks. Image courtesy of Spartherm

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