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Green Builder Vision House Series

VISION House® Tucson Floorplan

  • VISION House Tucson Floorplan
  • VISION House Tucson
    ON ARRIVAL [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Patio [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • universal design
    Living Room [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Central Vac [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Bathroom 2 [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Bedroom 2 [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Bedroom 3 / Office [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Kitchen [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Dining Area [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Laundry Room [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Master Bedroom [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Fire Spinklers [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Master Bathroom [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Garage [Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Ventilation Fans [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Solar Inverters [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Garage Studio [Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Solar Hot Water [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Studio Bathroom [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Roof and Solar [Photo: Lathamarchitectural.com]
  • VISION House Tucson
    Thermal Mass Storage [Photo: Hannah Bergeron]

Room by Room Features

ON ARRIVAL: When you first arrive at VISION House Tucson you notice the wide streets and spacious sidewalks that allow for all ages to feel welcome in th Armory Park del Sol community. 

WELCOME: MI EnergyCore windows from MI Windows and Doors assist in the -17 HERS rating of VISION House Tucson. The windows are made from material that blocks thermal conductivity 6x better than fiberglass, 4x better than rigid PVC, and 3x better than wood. 

PATIO: To the left of the front door is a private patio area with fruit trees and a sitting area - designed for Arizona outdoor living.

LIVING ROOM: Interior designer, Robin Motzer, took care in creating an inviting, open living room space that is visually appealing with universal design in mind. The floors throughout VISION House Tucson contain recycled porcelain toilets and are coated with HydroTect by Crossville®.

CENTRAL VAC: A BEAM Alliance Central Vacuum System is installed in the VISION House Tucson to help maximize indoor air quality.

BATHROOM 2: Vetrazzo countertops, Crossville tile and Kohler sink, faucet, toilet and shower are featured in this full 2nd bathroom. The Moxie™ Showerhead + Wireless Speaker from Kohler keeps you entertained. 

BEDROOM 2: MI EnergyCore windows give a clear view to the street in this second bedroom with a walk-in closet.

BEDROOM 3/OFFICE: Although it's set up as an office this space can easily be converted to a third bedroom complete with a closet.

KITCHEN: The kitchen at VISION House Tucson is striking with the white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances such as the 5.0 cu. ft. Combination Microwave Wall Oven with Convention Cooking from Whirlpool. Add a Kohler  Sensate™ Touchless Kitchen Faucet faucet and this kitchen boasts both energy and water efficiency.

DINING AREA: As part of the open design of VISION House Tucson this dining area will allow guests and hosts to interact easily during get-togethers. 

LAUNDRY ROOM: The Rheem Hydronic Air Handler (part of Rheem's Net-Zero Air and Water System) sits next to the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer with 6th Sense Live technology. Also note the clever shared closet space between the laundry room and the Master Bathroom.

MASTER BEDROOM: A lovely, open master bedroom space leads to the patio area through french doors.

FIRE SPRINKLERS: Where sustainability is concerned, fire sprinklers may not be the first thing that come to mind, however, fire sprinklers reduce the average property loss by about 71% per fire while studies show that greenhouse gases released by burning buildings can be reduced by 98% when automatic fire sprinklers are installed. 

MASTER CLOSET: This spacious master closet is located in next to the Master Bathroom and right off the Master Bedroom.

MASTER BATHROOM: The Master Bathroom has Crossville tile on the floors and in the roll-in ADA friendly shower. Dual Kohler sinks are a must as well as a Moxie™ Showerhead + Wireless Speaker.

GARAGE: This multi-car garage includes Schneider Electric's EVlink indoor EV charging station as well as Gladiator storage solutions including an adjustable work bench, a space-saving bike claw, and rolling storage units.

VENTILATION FANS: Whether you're in the garage painting or reading a book in the living room of VISION House Tucson you can rest assured that the EnergyStar rated Panasonic WhisperGreen ventilation fans are doing their job. When you have a home as energy efficient as this one Panasonic fans quietly exhaust unhealthy, unpleasant or moist air.

SOLAR INVERTERS: These grid-tie Conext™ TX inverters from Schneider Electric convert the variable DC (direct current) output of the PV solar panels from OneRoof Energy and Hanwha Solar, into AC (alternating current) and feeds electricity into the VISION House Tucson.

GARAGE STUDIO: Another space for a vehicle or it can be turned into the perfect artist's studio. 

SOLAR HOT WATER: Rheem Solpak™ Solar Collectors (not shown) help heat hot water that is stored in the Rheem Solaraide™ Storage Tank. [Part of the Rheem Net-Zero Air and Water System]

STUDIO BATHROOM: Equipped with a Kohler sink, toilet and faucet, this 1/2 bathroom also showcases the beautiful Emerald Coast countertops from Vetrazzo. These recycled glass countertops feature green float glass used in construction, plus oyster shells from the South Carolina Coast and bits of marble from the historic Georgia Marble Quarry.

ROOF AND SOLAR: Boral offers a variety of environmentally friendly roofing projects. VISION House Tucson is crowned with Madera 900 - an affordable concrete roofing tile that is a replica of hand-split cear shakes. The solar panels from OneRoof Energy in partnership with Hanwha Solar, offers solar leasing and loan options available with zero-out-of-pocket expense.

THERMAL MASS STORAGE: Builder John Wesley Miller incorporated thermal mass storage into the VISION House Tucson project. A thermal mass storage system utilizes the second law of thermodynamics where heat from one region flows to a colder region. An example of this is concrete pavement absorbing the heat from the sun during the day and, at night, radiating the heat into the cooler night air until temperature equilibrium is reached. In a home the system consists of concrete walls and floors which are insulated on the exterior to prevent the transfer of heat with the outdoor air. The interior surfaces of the floor and walls are exposed as much as possible so that they are in contact with the conditioned air inside of the home. Here's how it works: 

  • Concrete blocks are filled with concrete and rebar is used for structural reinforcement (both vertically and horizontally).
  • The concrete walls are then wrapped with a 2-inch layer of rigid Johns Mansville AP™ Foil-faced Polyiso Foam Sheathing - a polyisocyanurate insulation. (Shown in photo array)
  • Stucco netting is placed on the polyiso foam sheathing along with three coats of stucco. The exterior is then finished with paint.

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