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VISION House Tucson Boral


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Boral Roofing serves both the commercial and residential customer looking to build sustainably. Boral offers a wide variety of environmentally sound roofing products with earth saving benefits that include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Heat Deflection & Cooling
  • Waste Elimination
  • Air Pollution Reduction

For additional information about Boral Roofing visit www.boralroof.com or call us at (800) 669-TILE (8453).


Boral manufactures sustainable building products that meets the needs of today's conscientious home buyers; products that provide healthy environments, energy efficient performance and have a lower impact on the fragile ecology. In providing customers with these products, the Boral manufacturing processes reduce the impact on the environment, minimize the consumption of natural resources and help eliminate waste in the manufacturing environment as well as on the jobsite. Boral is committed to sustainability. Boral is also committed to the North American construction industry; assisting builders, developers, architects and consumers achieve both design and function goals. The high quality products presented here all provide cost effective, durable and beautiful options manufactured in a carefully measured and earth friendly way.

Products in VISION House Tucson

Madera 900 Concrete Tile Roofing product in Autumnwood (1MDCL3002)

 Boral1852_hires_autumnwood-madera-texas-800   IMG_0173_web

Madera 900 is the most affordable, authentic replication of a hand-split cedar shake roof available. With its realistic wood shake surface, Madera 900 will complement any architectural style.

Madera 900 is a Cool Rated Product

  • Reflectivity: .13
  • Weathered Ref (3 yr Aged): 0.15*
  • Emmisivity: .87
  • Weathered Em. (3 yr Aged):
  • SRI: 11
  • CRRC ID#: 0070
  • Seller ID#: 0942

VISION House Tucson is located in the neighborhood of Armory Park del Sol - just minutes from downtown. 




Getting to Beyond Net-Zero

Achieving a net-zero energy rating at the VISION House Tucson:

  • The Rheem Net-Zero Air and Water System was used for the very first time, helping to obtain a -17 HERS rating.
  • Johns Manville insulation was used in the attic and in the thermal mass storage wall system helping to create a tight building envelope and super energy efficiency.
  • When a home is as efficient as VISION House Tucson it's important to have proper ventilation. Panasonic ventilation fans help with this.


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