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VISION House Orlando AT&T


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VISION House Orlando 2011 Products:


Xora GPS Locator from AT&T
Xora GPS Locator from AT&T is a powerful yet affordable solution that provides real-time visibility into the locations and activities of your mobile workers. Because it’s a 100% Web-based solution, it couldn’t be easier to deploy. Workers simply carry a supported AT&T mobile phone (GPS and non-GPS devices are supported) and office staff can see where they are using any PC connected to the Internet. There’s no special hardware to purchase, no software required other than a standard Web-browser, and Xora offers free world-class support.

For more information go to 

ProntoForms from AT&T

The award-winning technology in ProntoForms from AT&T allows non-technical workers to easily carry out common processes like inspections, audits, surveys, and work orders. And ProntoForms from AT&T is easy to deploy. Companies can quickly mobilize data collection and field services—with no programming required.
ProntoForms from AT&T is a simple-to-configure, simple-to-use solution for smartphones. For example, it can replace paper forms used by field staff to record completed work or on-site inspections. All form data is then consolidated and stored on either a ProntoForms from AT&T server (hosted by TrueContext Corporation) or the customer’s own server where it can be viewed online or used to generate reports. This gives you a comprehensive view of your mobile workers’ productivity, a view that can even be shared with your customers.
Start by creating a new form or modifying one of the existing sample forms provided with the application. Then start capturing form data with your smartphone—text, photos, signatures, geographic location*, and much more. Even if you’re outside of AT&T’s wireless coverage area, your smartphone will cache your data and upload it when you’re back in coverage.  

Once data has been entered and transmitted to the ProntoForms server, it’s easy to view records and generate reports. And you can use your Web portal to create groups and projects that will help you manage who gets what forms.

www.att.com/prontoforms for more information.







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