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The Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA) is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, suppliers, dealer/distributors, design professionals, and builders committed to providing quality structural insulated panels for all segments of the construction industry. SIPA has been in existence since 1990 and has made tremendous progress in advancing energy-efficient construction, code acceptance, and improved quality assurance with structural insulated panels. The panels for this project were manufactured by one of the many SIPA member manufacturing plants.

Commitment to Sustainability

SIPA encourages the growth of sustainable buildings through the use of structural insulated panels (SIPs). SIPs reduce the environmental impact of both residential and commercial structures by creating an energy-saving building envelope, conserving natural resources, and enabling better control over indoor air quality.  For more info visit www.sips.org/greenbuilding.

SIPA Manufacturing Members

ACME Panel Company  |  Enercept, Inc.  |  Energy Panel Structures, Inc.  |  Extreme Panel Technologies, Inc.  |  FischerSIPS, LLC  |  Foard Panel, Inc.  |  General Panel Corporation  |  Green Mountain Panel  |  Innova Eco Building System  |  Insulspan SIPs by Plasti-Fab  |  Korwall Industries, Inc.  |  Lamit Industries  |  Murus Company, Inc. |  PFB Manufacturing, LLC  |  PorterSIPs, division of Porter Corp  |  Premier SIPs by Insulfoam  |  R-Control SIP

For more information on these companies and SIPA visit www.sips.org

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