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Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems is the world’s largest producer and marketer of built-in central vacuum systems. Its central vacuum systems are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. The company also is a leader in sustainability. BEAM by Electrolux systems improve the air quality of the home and are the only central vacuum systems clinically proven to relieve allergies. Their contributions to a healthy indoor environment are the primary reason central vacuum systems are recommended by the leading green building programs including the NAHB Green Building Standards and LEED for Homes.

Commitment to Sustainability

Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems has a long history of leadership in creating products that improve the sustainability of the living environment. BEAM-Electrolux central vacuum systems completely remove up to five times more dirt and allergens from the living area, improving indoor air quality and providing relief to allergy sufferers. They also are energy efficient. The new BEAM Alliance System motors provide maximum cleaning power while using 30 percent less energy than previous systems. And they are the quietest vacuum systems available, so quiet that they don’t disrupt other activity in the home during cleaning.

Products Used at VISION House Mariposa Meadows

BEAM Alliance System by Electrolux

We have the game-changing central vacuum system technology that is taking built-in cleaning to a new level. The BEAM® Alliance System by Electrolux brings sound suppression, two-way communication and deep cleaning convenience, making cleaning easier, faster, quieter and intuitive. And it improves the indoor air quality of your home by removing up to five times more dirt and allergens than a conventional vacuum without stirring up dust.

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The BEAM Alliance System by Electrolux was one of Green Builder Media's Hot 50 Products in 2014.

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