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Since 1952, we’ve been building a reputation for excellence in engineered wood products. Across North America and internationally, dealers, manufacturers and builders trust AinsworthEngineered® for consistent quality and value.

Our market-leading wood products include oriented strand board (OSB), oriented strand lumber (OSL) and specialty overlaid panels. Our mills are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry, and are strategically located in timber-supply regions – enabling us to be more sustainable. Further, when we manufacture OSB, we use every shred of wood fiber, with virtually no waste.

Ainsworth: we bring quality and value to sustainable building products.

Commitment to Sustainability


  • Makes OSB from renewable woods, harvested from sustainably-managed forests (ensuring prompt regeneration)
  • Uses fast-growing northern aspen and white birch, as well as pine trees killed by the mountain pine beetle
  • Maintains control of 100% of the wood fiber supplies, using every shred of wood fiber, with virtually no waste
  • Locates our mills near our forestlands, reducing our carbon footprint
  • Offers FSC certified OSB products
  • Complies with SFI standards and Canadian forest laws. These stringent laws are why Canada retains 91% of its original forests, and our deforestation rate is virtually zero

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Products Used at VISION House Mariposa Meadows

pointSIX Durastrand Flooring

Advanced, extra weather-resistant, pointSIX Durastrand flooring:

  • Treated with an enhanced blend of resins and waxes for extra weather resistance
  • Patented tapered-edge technology that eliminates the need for edge sanding
  • Reduces edge flare to 0.01 inches (thickness of a piece of paper)
  • Less weight/sheet- enabling easier handling than competing flooring products
  • Snug, secure fit with easy-to-install tongue-and-groove profiles
  • Proven in 14-day flood test
  • Lifetime guarantee against delamination, plus a 1-year no sand warranty

Barwick_Durastrand_9061_810_web  pointSIX_Durastrand_Flooring_web


Steadi-Tred stair treads for stair systems that are built to last

  • No need for temporary stairs – sturdy and moisture tolerant
  • Eliminate warping, cupping, splitting, and saggin
  • Pre-sized in popular lengths and widths, for faster construction
  • Available with bullnose or square edge
  • APA Quality Assured



All around better 4’ x 8’ OSB panels

  • Problem-free structural OSB panels
  • APA Quality Assured
  • Available in PRS and Struc-1 grades
  • Cost-competitive and reliably supplied
  • Available in custom thicknesses and sizes
  • Stenciled nail lines
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced


Jumbos for SIPs

Ainsworth leads the Jumbo panel industry through:

  • A focused commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable manufacturing
  • SFI (and FSC) certifications, plus the APA’s quality assurance on all OSB products
  • Active involvement with SIPA
  • Compliance with the most stringent formaldehyde regulations: CARB, HUD, PEFC
  • Varied panel sizing options and procurement networks
  • Customer-focused partnerships ensuring consistent supply



1” & 1-1/8” Rimboard floor framing, engineered for standard load applications

  • Economical alternatives for engineered flooring systems
  • APA Performance-rated Rimboard, ideal for I-joist system
  • Reliable supply, sustainably sourced
  • Ainsworth 25-year performance guarantee


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