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VISION House Los Angeles Johns Manville

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In their 150-year history, Johns Manville has been at the forefront of insulation production. JM was the first manufacturer to have a complete line of certified Formaldehyde-free™fiber glass building insulation, and because we are dedicated to providing a one-stop hybrid solution, we are the only manufacturer to make both spray foam and fiber glass insulation products. For more information visit .

  • JM was the first to make a complete line of Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass building insulation.
  • JM is the only manufacturer to manufacture both spray foam and fiber glass insulation.
  • JM has 150 years of industry experience.

Sustainability and the Environment

At Johns Manville, we are more than insulation. We are energy conservation. We are resource conservation. We are concerned about indoor air quality and the health and well-being of our customers. We strive to be responsible stewards of the environment. We are committed to building a better tomorrow for future generations.

Products in VISION House Los Angeles

JM Spider® custom insulation is installed with little to no waste. JM Spider Custom Insulation is made of greater than 98% fiber glass - an abundant and renewable resource. And at least 25% of the glass is made of recycled glass content. It is made with certified JM Formaldehyde-free fiber glass, which improves indoor air quality by reducing overall exposure to formaldehyde. It also offers a high R-value per inch which provides superior resistance to heat transfer, helping to reduce energy consumption and energy bills.

JM Corbond MCS™ SPF is air impermeable in accordance with ASTM E283 when installed at a thickness of 1.5 inches or more. It also acts as a thermal, air and moisture barrier helping to increase energy efficiency and prolong the life of buildings.




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