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Boral Industries manufactures innovative, durable, beautiful, sustainable and energy efficient products that meets the needs of homeowners, architects, builders, distributors and roofers. Boral serves North America with class leading bricks, stone veneers, clay and concrete roof tiles and TruExterior trim. For more information visit www.boralna.com.

Boral Roofing offers innovative products that are also highly insulating and prevent much of the sun’s heat from penetrating homes. They offer tiles in a wide range of profiles and colors to fit the architectural style of any home. Boral Pure™ smog eating tile was named a Popular Mechanics breakthrough product of the year in 2011 and was named a “Hot 50” product for 2012 by Green Builder® Magazine. Learn more about the benefits of tile. www.boralna.com/rooftiles

Boral Cultured Stone® and stone veneer beautifies any home. The product is manufactured with a minimum of 54% pre-consumer waste stream material. It also meets the indoor air quality standards of the stringent GREENGuard children & Schools standard, which represents the most rigorous building product emissions criteria to date. www.boralna.com and www.culturedstone.com

Brick is made from clay and shale which are natural, abundant and domestically manufactured. It is long-lasting, recyclable and biodegradable. Best of all, brick is beautiful, provides energy benefits, requires no maintenance for decades and adds a touch of real warmth and beauty to any home. www.boralbricks.com and www.boralpavers.com

Boral TruExterior™ Trim offers a unique blend of performance, workability and beauty while consisting of over 70% recycled content. Its low maintenance attributes make it ideal for exterior trim applications. www.boralna.com/trim/trim.asp

Sustainability and the Environment

Boral manufactures sustainable building products that meets the needs of today’s conscientious home buyers; products that provide healthy environments, energy efficient performance and have a lower impact on the fragile ecology. In providing customers with these products, the Boral manufacturing processes reduce the impact on the environment, minimize the consumption of natural resources and help eliminate waste in the manufacturing environment as well as on the jobsite. Boral is committed to sustainability. Boral is also committed to the North American construction industry; assisting builders, developers, architects and consumers achieve both design and function goals. The high quality products presented here all provide cost effective, durable and beautiful option manufactured in a carefully measured and earth friendly way.


Boral clay brick is durable, beautiful, and covered by a unique limited transferable warranty.  These bricks walls energy efficient, non-flammable, impervious to rot, high-performance and virtually maintenance free. Visit www.boralbricks.com for more info.


Boral clay pavers are available in 9 colors, and 3 edge textures.  These pavers perform extremely well in any outdoor living application.  Pavers can be laid in a variety of patterns, and antique product can be pre-blended at the plant for a custom look.  Best of all, clay pavers never, ever fade. For more info on clay pavers go to www.boralpavers.com.


Southern Ledgestone by Boral Stone offers a rugged and informal appeal with its rough texture and decided irregularity. Tight-fitted or mortared, Southern Ledgestone can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.  Stone sizes range from 1/2"– 6" high by 4"– 20" in length. [Color: Bucks County] For more info visit www.culturedstone.com.

_D4P3128_edited_web   CSV2056t_-_Southern_Ledgestone_Bucks_County_web Southern Ledgestone in Bucks County

Cast-Fit by Boral Stone represents a thoughtful response to today's architectural trend toward clean, uninterrupted and quietly sophisticated materials. Available in 2 sizes; 8” x 16” and 12” x 24” [Color: Parchment]. For more info visit www.culturedstone.com.

csv021811t_-_Castfit_Parchment_web Cast-Fit Parchment

Boral TruExterior™ Trim offers a unique blend of performance, workability and beauty while consisting of over 70% recycled content.  Its low maintenance attributes make it ideal for exterior trim applications.

Bridgemore_Garage_Door_Corner_web     Coleman_truexterior_web    Bridgemore_Pediment_Angle_View_truexterior_trim_web    trim_details2_web

“Using some creative chemistry, Boral Roofing has turned a standard building material into a formidable weapon – not just against sun and rain, but also air pollution with BoralPure technology.” Popular Mechanics – November 2011

Kern_Canyon_Blend_-__Angled_Shot_(2)_web    Kern_Canyon_Blend_-__Straight_Shot_(1)_web Smog Eating Tile in Kern Canyon Blend



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