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Tiny Houses

Macy Miller, Guest Columnist

Macy Miller is LEED AP BD+C certified, and lives with her family in a 230 square foot tiny house.


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Tiny House Codes--Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Macy Miller, Guest Columnist

Sep 4, 2018 2:33:41 PM

This is the best article of its type that we've seen. It's reprinted here with the author's permission--Matt Power, Editor-in-Chief

Codes for tiny houses are a complex issue, I’m going to attempt to break them down.  This is a lot of facts and some opinions, take it as you’d like but keep this in mind (and always consider motives in your research):  I have no skin in this game, my tiny house goals are accomplished.  If I am asked to leave my home tomorrow I am fine with that.  I do not own a company, I don’t even make much money from this site.  I always stand solidly behind the DIY builder but definitely understand and encourage those who want a pre-built tiny home and certainly respect someone who chooses to build tiny houses for a living (it is no easy task and they seem to face a lot of opposition, in my opinion they don’t make enough per build to deal with the criticisms I’ve seen, but I digress…).

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