Vantage Enewsletter March 26,2015
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Owens Corning High Performance Building Exchange
Solar Living Sourcebook

Lake Oroville, CA
Water, Water ... Not Everywhere At current usage and population rates, international demand for water in 2030 will outstrip supply by 40 percent. As fresh water supplies dwindle, nations across the globe will face unprecedented, unsettling, and formerly unthinkable choices regarding how to allocate the precious resource.

States Making Code Moves Missouri launches a statewide Energy Plan; Pennsylvania and Illinois make moves toward adoption of the 2015 IECC.

This Changes Everything
Greenhouse Emissions and Inequality Author Naomi Klein links climate change with inequality in This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate. She explains “why the climate crisis challenges us to abandon the core ‘free market’ ideology of our time, restructure the global economy, and remake our political systems.”

Planning for Pollinators
Bee Smart Landscaping These smart-yard tips will help you design a landscape that feeds the many creatures that rely on flower pollen.

Infographic Educates New Buyers
Infographic Educates New Buyers Are you a first-time home buyer or sell to that demographic? Check out these great tips on home energy efficiency. Energy-efficient homes are in demand because they cost less to run, are more comfortable to live in and enjoy higher resale values. Find out how to make a first home an energy-efficient one.

Green Goings On
Green Goings-On Looking to network with like-minded, green building professionals? Check out our Green Goings On listing, which is regularly updated with information about important upcoming green conferences and events.

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