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Our Mission: Preserve Decades of Scientific Inquiry

We live in uncertain times. Politicians are threatening to dismantle and destroy decades of important, perhaps essential, research on human impacts on the environment. We believe this information must be defended and preserved.docStackFiles.jpg

That's why we created The Legacy Project. The idea is simple, and it's one that has been used since at least the Medieval period, to preserve precious information. Make copies. Lots and lots of copies.If only the library at Alexandria had been so foresighted.

We're starting right now, copying and reposting thousands of federal bibliographic references to key scientific documents, on topics ranging from toxins in our drinking water, to research on extreme weather patterns. This is our information, yours and ours. We paid for it with our tax dollars. No one has a right to take it away.

We urge you to join us, to copy and paste this important information on to your own blog or website. Think of it as an insurance policy for human progress. Already, we are seeing importand research documents from the EPA and other critical organizations removed, rewritten and changed to reflect anti-scientific views and protect big polluters. 

Just click on "ARCHIVES" from the menu, and you'll find both online versions and word docs of the bibliographies we have collected so far.


Thanks for joining us--The Editors of Green Builder


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