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Sto 12 Steps

What is StoGuard®?


StoGuard® is a fluid-applied Air/Moisture Barrier that can replace housewrap.

  • ASHRAE, IRC, IBC, and IECC Code Approved
  • Water-Based, Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable (Class A, NFPA 285)
  • Spray or Roll-On Easy Installation
  • Fully Monolithic (flexible, seamless, durable)
  • Warranted

For the Builder

StoGuard® fully adhered air and moisture barrier is for those builders who are committed to building the highest quality homes with attention to what's inside the wall for maximum moisture protection, energy efficiency and comfort. Learn more

Your Reputation as a High-Quality Builder is Always on the Line

Moisture control in homes is a top-of-mind issue for homeowners, who worry about issues from unhealthy indoor air caused by mold to water infiltration causing expensive maintenance or repair. StoGuard® can keep you at the top of building science expertise and innovation while you build the most moisture resistant homes possible.

Reduced Labor


StoGuard vs. Wraps


Visit our Building Science Blog

WATCH THIS example of a residential application of StoGuard® with StoEmerald coat.


Case Study: Blackwood Builders

This builder quickly learned that applying the StoGuard system was faster than putting up sheet wrap. Here's an in-depth look at the company's experience with the product. Read More

The Energy Efficiency Story

Check out the results of a study that evaluates the energy conservation benefits of continuous air barrier systems relative to the benefits of increased insulation. Click here for the pdf.

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