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Shelter Dynamics

Shelter Dynamics is a specialty modular builder that offers innovative, efficient housing solutions that are sized for function, sustainable in design, and priced for volume sales.

The company is featuring two small-footprint, intelligent, net zero, and sustainable homes, beginning with its two existing prototypes: the Flex House and the Arc House.

The Arc House combines the economy and simplicity of small footprint living with cutting edge building science.  Smart, self-sufficient, and compact, the net-zero home integrates many facets of sustainability into one compelling and beautiful package.

The Flex House is a model for “Right-Sized” living in a small, flexible space that is connected, intelligent, resilient and sustainable.  The Flex House boasts an integrated smart + solar system as well as water conserving products and fixtures and non-toxic, sustainable materials to ensure healthy indoor spaces.

Interested in learning more about Shelter Dynamics?  Enter your information in the form on this page and a representative will contact you.

Arc House

Flex House


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