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Trades: How to Market Yourself as a "Green" Plumbing Company

Posted by Patricia Bonacorda, Guest Contributor

Dec 24, 2015 8:29:25 AM

What, exactly, does it mean to be a green plumbing company, and how can you position your firm in that market space?

Green plumbing” is more than a marketing concept—it’s a commitment to practices that are good for the environment.  The term can have many different meanings, depending on the level of that company’s commitment. Here are just a few of the ways plumbing companies are becoming eco-friendly.

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Plumbing System Sustainability: How to Save 40% On Energy and Water

Posted by Stacy Hunt

Mar 20, 2015 9:53:00 AM

BEFORE I BEGIN, I HAVE A CONFESSION to make. I’m an energy bigot.

Most of my work is in the energy and environmental construction industry, dealing with engineers, analysts, researchers and policy-makers. In my world, it’s as simple as this – sustainability in the house as a system starts with energy efficiency. Without proper consideration for energy efficiency, talking about other attributes of sustainability is worthless. No one wants to hear about the relative sustainability of rapidly renewable flooring versus old growth wood flooring when his or her house has more air leakage than the neighboring barn.

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