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10 Shocking Facts About the True Scope of Earth's Fresh Water Crisis

Posted by Robert Kravitz, Guest Contributor

Mar 14, 2016 9:27:00 AM

The California drought and Flint's lead problem are just the first harbingers of bad news about world water supplies.Water-Availability-green-builder.jpg

Vista, CA - Even though only a handful of US states are experiencing severe to exceptional drought conditions – down from more than 35 states a couple of years back – water concerns just won’t go away.

“All over the globe, there are areas and entire continents experiencing water shortages,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co, a company that makes no-water urinals and other restroom products.“And according to a variety of studies and water experts, these conditions are expected to only get worse.”

Indeed, the facts about water are startling:

1. Worldwide demand for water tripled in the 20th century, but is expected to double every 21 years in the 21st century.

2. According to the US Agency for International Development, one-third of all humans will face severe or chronic water shortages by 2025.

3. An estimated 80 percent of India’s surface water is contaminated by animal or human waste.

4. In northern China, the water table is dropping about three feet per year due to overpumping.

5. For the first time in 30 years, Saudi Arabia will no longer grow wheat; they don’t have enough water for wheat irrigation purposes.

6.  Closer to home, Arizona and New Mexico use about 300 million gallons more water per day than they get in renewable supplies.

7. Lake Mead, which provides water for large areas of the western United States, has 50 percent less water compared to 1998.

8.  Every eight seconds, a child dies from drinking soiled drinking water.

9. It is predicted that 1.7 billion people will be living in “dire water poverty” by 2050.

10. Eight states in the US are now so concerned about their dwindling water supplies that they have banned the export of water to other US states. Canada also is attempting to ban export of water to the U.S.

 As you can see, we have some serious water issues before us,” says Reichardt. “Our biggest hope is that new technologies and more investment in water infrastructure around the world will help us address these growing concerns.”


Media Contact: Robert Kravitz Phone: 312-880-8176 E-Mail: rkravitz@rcn.com

About Waterless Waterless Co. Inc. has established a well-respected reputation as being an innovative manufacturer of no-water urinal systems.  Based in Vista, Ca, the 25 year-old company is the oldest manufacturer of waterless urinals in North America.  The company’ manufacturers a full line of Waterless No-Flush urinals, cleaning liquids, and cost saving accessories. Visit: www.waterless.com

Waterless Co. 1050 Joshua Way Vista, CA 92081 USA 800.244.6364 sales@waterless.com

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