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ReVISION House Orlando Italian Tile


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CUOIO by Casa Dolce Casa features a soft, velvety surface and minimalist texture. The tile has the look of leather and comes in 4 modern colors (cognac, melanzana, Olivia and pertrolio) and four modular sizes. CUOIO has highly technical qualities thanks to its 11mm thickness and the twin-press technology. The collection is rated for Light Commercial use: public indoor environments with medium traffic volume. For more info go to www.casadolcecasa.com.
Floor Gres – Ecotech is available in four colors, five formats and two finishes, the EcoTech collection from FloorGres is the first project produced at the industrial level that reuses the powders, pastes and residues from the manufacture of other products to create a new composite material with a textured design, in which the chips and grains are aggregated to create an original melange effect, with precious glints blended into them. Depending on the shade, up to 70% of the residues are recycled. For more info go to www.floorgres.it.
American Marazzi Tile STONE COLLECTION’s smooth, touchable surface belies the depth of movement and sense of refined texture showcased in this slip-resistant, frost resistant, color body porcelain. Rectified edges allow for minimal grout joints while 45% pre-consumer recycled content and low life-cycle costs can contribute toward LEED credits. For more info go to www.marazzitile.com.
RAGNO USA’s High-end inkjet technology gives a hand-crafted feel to the rectified, linen-look elements of TEXTILE’s neutral, dignified shades. The strength and hardness of color body porcelain embrace the softer world of fabric with dramatic results.  Low life-cycle costs and 44% pre-consumer recycled content can contribute to LEED credits. For more info go to www.ragnousa.com.
Responsibly-produced, Refin’s Stone-leader combines the refined elegance of natural stone, the performance characteristics of a porcelain tile. Developed under the criteria set by the L.E.E.D for energy and eco-sustainability, Stone-leader uses only 40% pre-consumer recycled content. The collection is available in four sizes: (12” x 12”, 12” x 24”, 18” x 18”, and 24” x 24”) and four natural colors: black, brown, beige and ivory. For more info go to www.refin-ceramic-tiles.com.
MAPEI Corporation provided the following materials for waterproofing subfloors and setting/grouting the tiles in the ReVISION House Orlando '11: Ultraflex LFT (white), Ultralite Mortar, Mapelastic AquaDefense, (6"x75") reinforcing fabric for Mapelestic AquaDefense, Mapelastic 400 with mesh, Ultracolor Plus (Ivory), Ultracolor Plus (Summer Tan). For more info go to www.mapei.com.
Trend is an international manufacturer and distributor of mosaic tile and surface collections that reflect an awareness and respect of the earth’s natural and limited resources. Trend has captured a lively spirit that celebrates Italian artistic tradition with intelligent technology and creative innovation. Unconventional combinations of materials and colors, recycled glass, artistic collaborations, and unique textures enhance commercial and residential applications around the globe.
Creating unique beauty from recycled glass bottles, the FEEL collection contains up to 78% post consumer recycled glass. The palette of 12 colors is derived from the natural shades found on land (greens and browns), sea (shades of blue) and white, grey and black to anchor the collection and provide contrast. The subtle variegation of the earth toned colors mirror the effect of dappled sunlight. The ¾” x ¾” opaque and finely textured tiles can be purchased as a single color or incorporated into a myriad of patterns from sophisticated and elegant to funky and classical. More information about FEEL and all the recycled collections available at Trend USA can be found at www.trendingreen.com.
The FEEL collection can be found at tile retailers throughout North America. For specific locations, please call #1.866.508.7363. To view the entire array of Trend USAdecorative surface collections, please visit www.trendgroup-usa.com.






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