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Boral Roofing

The Nation's Single Source for Premium Clay and Concrete Tile Roofing Solutions

A new force in the roofing industry, Boral Roofing (the newly formed division of Boral USA which includes the businesses of the nation’s two leading roof innovators - MonierLifetile and US Tile) is the nation’s largest provider of premium clay and concrete roofing solutions and one of the world’s most sustainable roofing manufacturers. We operate 15 plants nationally with a focus on energy efficient roofing solutions and provide a full spectrum of products to meet all of the nation’s roofing needs.

Boral Roofing serves all roofing customers 
 both residential and commercial - offering a best-in-breed service platform that joins a nationwide customer service, manufacturing and distribution network with a superbly skilled technical sales force benefiting from regional training centers established across the country. We provide a complete roofing solutions platform to meet the needs of architects as well as commercial and residential builders with needs ranging from:
     -Commercial Buildings
     -Custom Homes
     -Production Homes

Boral Roofing division is one of the world’s most sustainable roof tile manufacturers. Serving both the commercial and residential customer looking to build sustainably, Boral Roofing offers a wide variety of environmentally sound roofing products with earth saving benefits that include:

     -Energy Efficiency
     -Solar Power Generation
     -Heat Deflection and Cooling
     -Waste Elimination
     -Air Pollution Reduction
The nations two leading roof innovators became a new force in the industry when Boral USA announced its recent acquisition of the entire interest in MonierLifetile and formed the Boral Roofing division which consists of MonierLifetile and U S Tile. The Boral Roofing division is the nations largest provider of superior clay and concrete roofing solutions and one of the worlds most sustainable roof tile manufacturers. Combining the energy efficient roofing solutions of MonierLifetile and US Tile with the financial backing and reach of Boral USAs customer and technical support platform creates greater accessibility of sustainable roof solutions for customers nationwide.

For more information go to www.boralna.com.







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