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New power line safety technology holds promise for reducing wildfire ignitions

Free Ebook: What Builders Can Do to Stop Wildfire Disasters

Florida Keys Deliver a Hard Message: As Seas Rise, Some Places Cant' Be Saved

Learn More About Protecting Your Home from Wildfire

How to Design for Disaster

Texas Building Code Survey Highlights Need for Mitigation in Hurricane-prone areas

Free Webinar: Sustainable Protection With Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Storm Preparedness: Get Ready Before A Storm Strikes, Pay Attention to Safety

Planning Resilient Communities from the City Scale to the Neighborhood-Level

Flood Recovery: Tips for Safely Using Pumps When Cleaning Up

Video: Owners Focus on Home Hardening to Stave Off Wildfires

Florida Damages Offer a Case Study in the Aftermath of Flooding

Video: Fiber Cement Siding Weathers Extreme Weather

Hurricane Michael: Extreme Events Bring Lessons of Disaster Resilience

Code Council Releases Comprehensive Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide

FLASH Announces an Initiative to Address Missing or Outdated Building Codes

Metal Roof Serves as a Safety Shield During Hurricane Michael

Metal Roofing Inspiration Book

Hard Lessons from Tornado Alley

Report: Brick Houses Last Longest in Fire, but No Siding is Invulnerable

Ruined Utilities Fall Outside the Best Wildfire Insurance

How Building Codes in California Helped Save Homes from Wildfire in California

How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

Time to Hunker Down

Log Cabin Roof Takes Top Honors in Metal Roof Competition

Report: Flood and Fire Preparations Could Save Billions of Dollars

NIBS Releases Study on Value of Mitigation

An In-Depth Guide to Financial Emergency Preparedness

The Resilience Hub—A Joyful Oasis for Anxious Times

Earthquakes and Historic Buildings: Assessing Principal Risk Factors

Contest: Did Your Home Survive Nature's Fury?

This House is a Real Fire Fighter

Free Webinar: Understanding the Wildfire Threat to Homes

Solutions Exist to Break the Devastating Cycle of Hog Farms Flooding During Hurricanes

In Response to Climate Change, Wealthy Home Buyers Add Resilience


To Survive a Firenado, Run Away

2.5 Million Homes, Businesses Totaling $1 Trillion Threatened by High Tide Flooding

Restaurant Lifted by Microburst Lands in Mississippi

Report: Nightmare Season of Hurricanes Approaching

Resilient Product Showcase

Free Webinar on Resilient Building

Floods and Folly 

Riding the Tempest

Wildfire: The New New Normal

Thoughts From Ground Zero

Pillars of Society

Team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, and Urban Planners to Design Coastal Resilience for Bridgeport, Connecticut

Survival and Sustainability

How Resilient Design Can Help Revitalize Disaster-Prone Towns

Win a Wildfire Community Preparedness Grant

Rethinking the Rebuilding Process

Disaster-Resilient Homes: 2018’s Top Green Building Trends

Help Protect Your Building from Severe Weather and Flood Damage

Trump Disbands Panel That Helped Cities Respond to Climate Threat

Can We Make Buildings Sturdy Enough to Resist Vehicle Assaults?

Why Have Americans Become Sheeple?

California Experience Highlights the Tremendous and Humbling Complexity of Wildfire Disasters

Severe Weather Resiliency of Buildings Increases with Spray Foam Insulation

NFPA and IBHS Develop Wildfire Research Fact Sheets

The Business Case for Resilient Building

Disaster in Puerto Rico a Chance to Build Back Sustainably and With Resilience

Why Multipurpose Fire Sprinkler Systems are More Sustainable

Careful Tree Selection Accelerates Recovery of Campus Landscape Hit by Hurricane Irma

Wildfire Research Fact Sheets Available from NFPA

Dandelion Geothermal Digs In

Retrofitting Your Home for Flood Resistance

Resiliency is Preparedness — and It’s Best Made with Partners

University of Florida Scientists Explain Rapid Sea Level Rise

'When Rising Seas Hit Home': Hundreds of Towns Threatened by 2100

In Oil-Loving Houston, Residents Face "Apocalyptic" Risks from Climate Change

Preparing for a Flood—A Guide for Homeowners

ULI Partners with Weapon Makers, Water Privatizers to Sell Their Vision of Resilient Cities

After a Disaster, Don't Get Nailed when Taxes, Insurance and Home Values Change

Free Webinar - FEMA Reporting: A Sustainable Approach

Resiliency and Sustainability go Hand in Hand with Cross Laminated Timber

New USGS Maps Identify Potential Ground-Shaking Hazards in 2017

Wildfire Mitigation Awards Announced

The NFPA's Firewise Program Reflects on 2016

Resiliency State of the Union: Strategies for a Changing Climate

Growing Number of Cities Adopting Earthquake Retrofit Laws

"Deadfall" and its Contribution to Wildfire

5 Essential Factors for Creating a Framework for Municipal Resiliency

Ask An Expert Firewise Virtual Workshop Series

Protect Your Home From Rising Sea Levels

Big Data Tool Launched to Help Companies’ Climate Resilience Planning

Housing Solutions to Rising Sea Levels

Vertical Farming Offers Solutions to Food Scarcity in Singapore

Protect Your Home During a Wildfire

LG Air Source Systems Receives Certification For Seismic Safety

New York's Governors Island Rebuilt to Withstand Sea Levels Rising

Why Tougher Homes Won't Be Built

Miami Area Developers May Be Asked to Help Pay Costs of Sea Level Rise

Stone Wool Insulation's Fire Resistant Qualities on Display in Video

66 Million Dead Trees in California Could Fuel Wildfires

Resilient Housing A Focus During Building Safety Month

Three Steps to Safer, Resilient Housing

Sea Level Rise is Coming Faster and Deeper than Anyone Expects

Targeting Net-Zero Organic Waste with Compost Systems

Storm Ready Home is also a Solar-Powered Emergency Energy Source

A Deep Energy Retrofit Brings ReNEWW House HERS Score to Near Zero

Slideshow: Low-Cost, Ultra Durable Steel and Stucco Buildings for Coastal Living?

Tile Roofing and Resilient Housing

Wireless Smoke Detectors Save Hassle, Money and Time

Stainless Steel Flood Vent Solves Ventilation and Flooding Concerns in One Low-Tech Unit

PCA Announces Inaugural 2016 Resilience Leadership Award Winners

Fortress Mentality: Earthquake and Fire-Proof Homes?

Modular Hobbit House Can Be Buried in Your Back Yard

Three Years Later, 41 Percent of Hurricane Sandy Homes Still Need Work

Report: Reconditioned Fire-Damaged Buildings May Be Toxic to Occupants

Mobile Water Barriers Fight Floods

Video: ICF Wall Versus 2x4 Bullet

Slideshow: How to Retrofit for Earthquake Resistance

Chile's Earthquake Experience This Week Proves the Worth of Good Building Codes

Want Tax Credit For Resilient Living? Contact Congress and Mention this Just-Minted Bill

Wisconsin's First Fortified Home is Designed for (Almost) Everything Nature Can Hurl at It

Atlantic City May Bet on Climate Change to Break Its Losing Streak

U.S. Announces a Seed Plan to Help with Disaster Recovery

New Report Suggests 6 Code Changes for Disaster Resilience

Free Research Papers on Wildfire Explore Homeowner Psychology

Will We Be Ready When the Killer Quake/Tsunami Comes?

Resilience During Earthquakes Begins With Being QuakeSmart

Why Are Canadians So Damn Happy?

Flood, Drought and Heat Extremes Are the New Normal

Protecting from Lightning Strikes

The Resilient Design Guide Is Here

Fire Sprinkler Design: What You Need to Know

Green Roofs Can Prevent Fire Damage

SIPS May Offer Superior Seismic Resistance

Tornado Safe Rooms

National Building Museum: Devastating Earthquakes of 1812 Would Have Been Even Worse Today

Hurricane Resistant Fasteners for Roof Coverings

The Green Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers

IBHS Urges Residents to Rebuild Stronger on Hurricane Sandy Anniversary

Key to Resilience: Storm-Proofing

Key to Resilience: Energy

Key to Resilience: Strength

Earth or Masonry Walls Can Buy You Time When the Power Goes Out

Key to Resilience: Fire-Proofing

Florida Town Votes to Secede Because State Won't Address Rising Sea Levels

The Need for Resilient Housing

FEMA Identifies Closed Cell Insulation as Flood Resistant Material

Study: New England Could Provide 70% of its Own Food, Up from 10%

Tornado and Hurricane Safe Rooms with ICFs

Some Sandy Survivors Still Waiting for Home

Study: Roof Nail Sizes, Types and Spacing Matter When Hurricanes Strike

Test of 63 Panels Shows Foam's Impact on Wind Uplift Resistance

DensArmor Gypsum Panels Resist Flood Damage

Flood Openings in Basement Walls Can Save on Insurance Costs

Does Fracking Cause Earthquakes?

Assessing Damage to Asphalt Roofing After a Storm

Disaster Preparedness: Where is Your Family?

Break the Cycle: ‘Natural Disaster, Rebuild, Repeat’

Wildfire Protection and Yard Maintenance

FEMA Urges Hurricane Preparedness

How Insulating Concrete Forms Helped Save This Home

Make Wildfire Protection Your Burning Desire

The Frontlines of Climate Change: Wildfire

Disaster Response...Digitally

VIDEO: Standby Generators and Disaster Preparedness

In Harm's Way

One Man's Compassion, Emergency Relief Shelter and a Dream

Spotlight on Delaware

Assessing Roof Damage after Superstorm Sandy

VIDEO: What is a Home Generator?

VIDEO: Why Home Fire Sprinklers Are Important

Lightning: An Underrated Peril?

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