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Navien Introduces New Hot Water Boiler

Posted by Ann Woodward, Guest Columnist

Oct 31, 2014 2:23:15 PM

The well-known maker of tankless hot water heaters is about to release a new, high-efficiency boiler in four sizes.The company will expand its product line in the US and Canada in the fourth quarter when they begin selling the NHB (Navien Heating Boiler) series.

Ideal for residential and light commercial use, from the manufacturer that reinvented the way that people think about tankless water heating, the NHB builds on Navien’s recent successful product lines. The Navien Heating Boiler (NHB) will be offered in 4 sizes: NHB-55, NHB-80, NHB 110 and NHB-150 with turn-down-ratios respectively of 7:1, 10:1, 11:1, and 15:1. The noteworthy 15:1 TDR in the NHB-150 is achieved with Navien’s advanced burner system. One key component to that efficiency is the newly developed dual Venturi gas delivery system.

“Our New NHB heating boiler product will be much more than just another hi-efficiency condensing wall hung boiler added to the wide selection of boiler choices for contractors and homeowners” said Brian Fenske, Specialty Channel Sales Manager for Navien. “Yes we will have 95% AFUE, outdoor reset as required, and a few other similar operational features like the other brand choices available but then so much more!”

The NHB will offer industry leading options and features in the boiler operation parameters such as:

  • the largest industry turndown ratios providing ease of installation with multiple smaller zones while maintaining high operational efficiencies
  • a timed hydronic supply water boost feature
  • adjustable heat capacity
  • adjustable anti-cycle timer
  • freeze protection
  • adjustable Delta T ranges
  • pressure LWCO with manual reset


Growing Company: As Korea’s largest boiler company, exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide, KD Navien, has developed its industry leading reputation in the United States and Canada as a tankless water heater and combi-boiler company. With deep experience in the manufacturing of boilers and the largest single boiler manufacturing facility in the world, 

About Navien: An official ENERGY STAR® partner of the Residential Water Heater Program, Navien is the recognized leader in condensing technology. The company name is derived from three words: Navigator / Energy / Environment, with a mission to provide customers with the ultimate comfortable living environment through energy efficient products by using innovative technology to create a healthier environment for our future generations. Navien products are available in the United States and Canada through a selected network of wholesale distributors. For more information visit us at Navien.com

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