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Powering the Big Game

Posted by Mauricio Gutierrez, CEO, NRG Energy

Feb 7, 2017 3:44:35 PM

This past weekend, football fans around the world turned their attention to Houston, the energy capital of the world. So it only seems fitting to highlight the ways in which energy powered the big game.

As the leading competitive power company in the US, we at NRG are proud to bring our namesake stadium into the spotlight and showcase one of the most energy-efficient venues in the country.

For the lucky fans who snagged a ticket to the game, energy innovation was and continues to be at every turn: Fans walked by rows of electric vehicle charging stations before entering the stadium and passed through solar “bridges” consisting of nearly 600 solar panels. They then took their seats and along with millions of other viewers, watched the game against the backdrop of 65,000 energy-efficient LED field lights—which use 60 percent less energy than the previous lights. And to make sure their phones were always powered up to capture the perfect shot, the stadium has NRG battery kiosks to keep the focus on the game and not on battery life.

The story of sustainable stadiums doesn’t stop in Houston. From Levi’s stadium in California to Gillette Stadium in New England, we have teamed up with seven professional football teams to provide smart and sustainable energy solutions. In total, we have installed enough solar panels to cover more than 300 football fields. With all of our stadiums, the objective is simple: to increase understanding of the many sustainable energy options available to both individuals and businesses today.    

Beyond stadiums, in our homes and businesses, energy consumers are taking the driver’s seat and taking charge of their energy decision making, moving us forward toward a sustainable energy future. In fact, over one third of all US clean power contracts came from corporations such Apple, Google and Microsoft1.  At NRG, we are working hard to continue meeting these growing demands while staying on top of the next wave of innovative energy technologies.  

So, after enjoying this national tradition on Sunday-- watching the game, the entertainment and spending time with friends, family and fellow fans— we hope you can now appreciate the real power that was used to make it all happen. Game on!


 1 Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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