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Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

As a veteran reporter, Matt Power has covered virtually every aspect of design and construction. His award-winning articles often tackle tough environmental challenges in a way that makes them relevant to both professionals and end users. An expert on both building science and green building, he has a long history of asking hard questions--and adding depth and context as he unfolds complex issues. Matt is a founding member of the Tiny House Industry Association, and sits on the board of The Resilience Hub, an educational organization focused on permaculture and hands-on reskilling.


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Recent Posts

Study: Coastal Floridians Don't Believe in Sea Level Rise

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Feb 10, 2020 10:25:50 AM

The survey finds, in fact, that showing scary maps to residents typically results in a ho-hum response.

Researchers Dr. Risa Palm and Toby W. Bolsen conducted the survey. Writing in Fast Company, they note that:

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Can Vegas Companies Convert Green Into Gold?

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Dec 13, 2019 5:47:48 AM

That’s the multi-million dollar question that a one-day meeting of world-class sustainability experts hopes to answer.

VEGAS, THE CITY OF EXCESS, IS NOT KNOWN FOR ITS SUSTAINABILITY. But that’s something many of the biggest companies in the City would like to change, including owners of some of the largest casino resorts. Many of them have hired sustainability directors, to steer them through the complicated, yet inevitable shift away from fossil fuels and resource waste.

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New Leak Sensors Offer Long-Distance Shut-Off

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Nov 27, 2019 1:38:03 PM

What do mother-in-law apartments, ADUs, second homes and AirBnb have in common? They all benefit from remote leak detection and water shutoff.

A few weeks ago, I went on an extended trip, and rented out my home on AirBnb. I had installed some simple water-sensors in three locations. These sensors send an alert to my cellphone if a leak is detected.

One evening I got an alert. The bathroom had a leak. I contacted the guests immediately, and they stopped the overflowing bathtub with no damage to my floors or drywall. But what if they hadn’t been home? Or worse, what if I had no leak detection at all?

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Diverse Building Industry Leaders Offer a Greener Way Forward

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Nov 19, 2019 9:37:44 AM

Some of the nation's most ecologically savvy builders, architects and activists will make the case that construction and planetary stewardship can co-exist.

You may have heard of Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot. He's known for his insightful speaking and tough talk about how businesses MUST change to meet greenhouse gas goals. But at the same time, he argues that they can remain profitable and viable. Winston and other leading figures on the front lines of sustainability will share their insights in a special day prior to Design & Construction Week in Vegas in mid January.

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