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True Unemployment Figures May Exceed 23 Percent of U.S. Workforce

Virginia Passes Landmark Zero Carbon Bill That Prioritizes Solar Access

Los Angeles City-Owned Buildings to Go 100% Carbon Free

Zero Energy Buildings Surge Ahead

Energy Department Announces $74 Million in Project Selections for Innovative Buildings Research

Study: Coastal Floridians Don't Believe in Sea Level Rise

Transition to Electric Living Will Supercharge Job Growth

Phyn Expands Intelligent Water Devices at CES 2020

Can Vegas Companies Convert Green Into Gold?

New Leak Sensors Offer Long-Distance Shut-Off

Audio: Obama at Greenbuild Says Talk is Cheap

Diverse Building Industry Leaders Offer a Greener Way Forward

Cities with the Most Airbnb Properties

Rising Rent Control Leading to Falling Development and Investment


Carrier to Participate in Habitat for Humanity Carter Work Project

Award Deadline: Enter Your Best New Home Now

Major Changes to the Title 24 Building Code

Far Fewer New Homes at Much Higher Prices

Loophole Allows Builders to Take Alternate Route to Meeting Title 24 Solar Mandate

Wanted: A True Climate Superhero for 2020

REPORT: Energy Efficiency Leads Energy Sector Job Growth

Speedy Prefab

It’s All Garbage Now

Once-Hot Coal Grows Colder

Is shale gas a major driver of recent increase in global atmospheric methane?

Prague Plans to Put Motion Sensors on Street Lights to Save Energy

Maximizing the Durability of Deep Cycle Batteries

U.S. Green Building Council Report Reveals a 19% Growth in LEED Residential Market

Survey Shows Manufacturers Used 2.2 Billion Pounds of Recycled Materials in the Production of Fiber Glass and Slag Wood Insulation

Child Drowning Rates Drop As Communities Adopt Stricter Building Codes

GOP Push for More Nuclear Power is Beyond Clueless

Robin Hood's Home Town will Lead the Green Transition

U.S. Solar Market Sees Best Q1 in History

Lawsuit: Building Materials Helped Spread Grenfell Fire

Virginia Tech Wins Solar Decathlon

New Insulation Products Aim at Niche Markets

Furnace Forecast Includes Climate Change Impacts

MRA Separates Fact Vs. Fiction About Hot Weather Rooftop Performance

Native Trails Earns B Corporation Certification

Governor Cuomo Announces $30 Million "Buildings of Excellence" Competition To Support NY’s Commitment to a Carbon-Free Economy

New Report Reveals ‘Perfect Storm’ of Trends Set to Impact the Future of U.S. Sustainability

2021 IBC Will Allow Steel Container Structures

California City Plans New Building Codes, Programs to Curb Emissions

As China Rejects US Recycling, Incinerators Spew Toxins

DOE Proposal Sets Hurdles for Efficiency Standards

Clean Energy and Climate Action Agenda for the New Congress

Smug Mode: Red Dwarf Star Romances Electric Vehicles

Economic Development Association of Minnesota honors new Uponor PEX plant

Skilled Worker Problem Gets Worse

30 Massachusetts Cities and Towns Earn State Grants as Green Communities

Out With the Bad Air

Giveaway: Smart Lighting Solves Anguished Paint Decisions

Survey: Californians Are Most Likely to Consider the Environment Before Every Purchase

Millennials Dream of Dog Walking and Early Retirement

Record-High Carbon Emissions Show 'We Are Speeding Towards the Precipice of Irrevocable Climate Chaos'

Florida Increasingly Relies on Recycled Wastewater

Florida Project Includes Solar Sidewalks and Self-Driving Vehicles

Graphics Predict Heat Rise in Every U.S. City

Cornell Tech Takes Top Honors With ‘The House’

Survey: Older Buyers More Likely to Shop for Home Online

Video: Actor Jeff Bridges Takes on a Role that Might Have Pleased the Big Lebowski

Leading Scientific Panel Shows Urgency of Political Action to Avoid Climate Chaos

The Smart Money is On Electric Air Taxis for Urban Hipsters

Dow Jones Sustainability Index Names Ingersoll Rand to World and North America Indices

Retired General Bridges Partisan Abyss to Target Climate Change

Iowa Republicans Roll Back Energy Rebates and Governor Signs On

Podcast: Package Lockers and Pet Pampering are the New Amenities

A 'Hothouse' Future for Humanity: Scientists Behind Terrifying Climate Analysis Hope They Are Wrong

Trump Lumber Tariffs May Give Alternative Structures an Unplanned Boost

Report: New NYC High Rises Ignore Long Term Flood Threat

Asphalt Road Recyclers Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

Zero Energy Home Building Hits 70% Annual Growth

Scottish Development Monitors Resident Well Being with IOT

Report: New England Does Not Need New Gas Pipelines

Borate-Based Termite Treatment Offers Less Toxic  Approach to Southern Resilience

Video: The EU Tackles Smart City Details

High-Altitude Euroline Windows Offer R-10 Performance

New UN Model Lighting Regulation = $18 Billion in Savings

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC Now Serving Ductless Customers

Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Claims Led to More Green TV in 2017

Webinar: Ducted mini splits applications and performance

New report: U.S. fell 7.3 million units behind housing demand from 2000 – 2015

Ingersoll Rand Achieves 2020 Energy Efficiency Goal and Advances Climate Commitment with Renewable Energy

New Report-Gulf Stream Collapse Could Occur Rapidly

Environmental Group Will Track Renewable Tech as U.S. Energy Department Implodes

Green Building Programs Show Big Results For Big Buildings

Study: Shadows from Tall Buildings Adversely Impact Health

Disaster Capitalism Wins Again as Sales of Air Purifiers Boom

Protecting Health by Improved Building Efficiency

The New Government Omnibus Spending Bill Shows That Science Advocacy Matters

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Wireless Flow Meter Launched

Cities of the Future: EcoBlock Project to Make Oakland Neighborhoods Emission-Free

Kohler Co. Announces Wind Power Investment

As Water Bills are Weaponised, At Least One State Fights Back

Video: Spokane Votes to Waive Permit Fees for Solar PV and EV Charging Stations

EVs Slated for Huge Chunk of Auto Engine Market by 2030

Agri-Hood To Replace Golf Course in Palm Springs

Study: Working Green Means Making More Green

Report: Key West Will Need Thousands of New Apartments

Jinko Solar's New Plant in Jacksonville will Create 800 U.S. Jobs, with No Groveling

Study: Consumer Interest in Eco-Furnishings Has Doubled Since 2013

Extreme Humidity Could Make Southeast Unliveable In 50 Years

Will South Florida Go Gently to a Watery Grave?

Can the Father of Vegetarianism Help Floridians Save Themselves?

Emerging Practice of Prevention through Design and Technology Advances Poised to Help Improve Construction Safety

Survey Finds Divided America Agrees on One Thing: Saving the Planet

Changes to HVAC Efficiency and Controls Save Big in Italian Pilot Neighborhood

Tabuchi Electric America Donates Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions to Help Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands Accelerate Power Restoration

Kingspan Insulated Panels Receive GREENGUARD Gold Certification

New Micro Living Units in Houston Start Under 400 Square Feet

As Predicted—Because 'Pipelines Are Bound to Spill'—Existing Keystone Gushes 200K Gallons of Oil

Report: Longevity Depends Less on Diet and More on Equality

Uponor Creates Registered Apprenticeship

New Study Shows Urgently Needed 100% Renewable Transition More Feasible Than Ever

Europe Struggles with the Human Side of Renovating Public Buildings

National Building Museum Will Showcase Small Footprint Living

RESNET Clears Up Rumors on Sharing HERS Data with Green Building and Energy Efficiency Programs

New Transit-Oriented Development in Colorado Selling Out Quickly

The Home Depot Doubles Down on a Backward Way to Sell More Smoke Detectors

Growing Momentum Expected for Remodeling Spending

As Pruitt Calls for End of Incentives, Trump Intensifies 'War Against Wind and Solar'

Hardwood Changes Could Affect Builders

Trump Agency Heads Rebrand Climate Change as a Lack of Resiliency—Blaming the Victims

BLM Fracking Rule Reinstated by Court of Appeals

Ten Percent Increase in HERS Home Ratings Over Record Breaking Last Year

New Data from the Metal Roofing Alliance:Residential Metal Market Share Jumps to 14% in North America

Appliance Maker Adds Recycling of Old Equipment to Its Daily Workflow

Correcting Demographic Misperceptions About the U.S. Population

After Harvey, Texas Left With Toxic Soup of Sewage, Spilled Fuel, Pesticides, and More

Harvey Triggers 'Unbearable' Pollution as Refineries Spew Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Climate Change could Upstyle in new Great Recession

Proposed Tax in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Would Pay for Conversion to Solar Electric

The Demand for HERS Ratings Continues Growth in First Half of 2017

UL Participating in Certified Ratings Program by the Florida HBA

Former California Governor Schwarzenegger Launches Climate Change Legislation Database

'Earth Is Exhausted': Humans Have Already Consumed the Planet's Annual Resources

Video: Nexus Graywater System Pushes Innovative Approach to Water Capture Into the Mainstream

Investment Firms Warn that Backing the Wrong Industries Will Yield Disastrous Global Heating

U.S. Fracking Industry Looks Outside the U.S. as Public Turns to Renewable Energy

Green Homes in Texas Add $25,000 Resale Value, Study Finds

Report: Climate Change Will Torch the Economy of Florida First and Worst

Two U.S. Companies Named in Connection with Deadly London Fire

Trump Administration Offers 195,000 Nevada Acres for Fracking

GO Logic launches a new Passive House prefab brand: the GO Home

New Study: Americans Want to Use More Renewable Energy

Delaware Valley Green Building Council Held Annual Sustainability Symposium

Video: New Research Shows Risk of Deep Freeze in Northeast Just as Likely as Climate Change Warming

Netherlands Pavilion Presents New Possibilities for Recycled Plastic Construction Materials

Landfill Leachate Released to Wastewater Treatment Plants and other Environmental Pathways Contains a Mixture of Contaminants including Pharmaceuticals

Another Firm Announces Investment in Power-Generating Solar Window Coatings

BLM Changes Website Banner From Green Mountains to Big Hunk of Coal, then Backs Down

Earthquake in Ohio Located at Epicenter of Nearby Fracking Operations

Research: Green Buildings Improve Employee Performance

Chicago Startup’s Thermal Battery is Solution to Electricity Demand Spikes

Coal in 'Freefall' Worldwide, Report Finds

Energy Consumption on College Campuses Down 8% Since 2007

Pruitt Promised He'd Tackle CO2 But Now Plays Dumb on Climate Science

Researchers: Isoprene Process Could Make Auto Tires from Grass

Britain's Blunder in Cutting Solar Incentives Offers Warning to U.S. States

Sustainable Remediation Training Course Available Online

Research Finds Home Swimming Pools Likely to Contain 2 Gallons of Urine, Along with Sweat, Skin Care Products and Bodily Fluids

Report: Coastal Cities Could Flood Three Times a Week by 2045

USGBC Offers LEED and Green Building Info in New Online Portal

On Pretense of Saving Coal, North Dakota Senate Considers Killing Wind Power

Obama’s Soul-Crushing New Address Explains Everything that’s Wrong with Beltway Democrats

Conference Focuses on Making Sustainability "Real" for Urban Dwellers

VIDEO: Congress Votes To Stop Protecting U.S. Waterways from Mining Waste

Paving Sustainable Asphalt Roads with Pig Manure

Solar Power Potential of City Linked to Its Roadways

Powering the Big Game

Maps of Misery Only Partially Explain Trump's Appeal

Report: Oil and Coal Demand May Halt by 2020

Coal is Cut Off. Deutsche Bank Vows to End New Coal Lending

Global Green Building Materials Market Forecast is Out

In Italy, Use of Biobased Building Materials Said to Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants

Canada Green Building Council Seeks Builders/Developers for Net-Zero Study

Contractor Groups Ask Trump to Save Them from Fair Wages and Safe Workplaces

UK Builders Tackle Affordable Green Housing for Young Adults

Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf Just Grew 11 Miles

Commercial Boiler Standards Mean Savings on Heating Bills

Report: As Home Heating Costs Shrink, Electronics Eat the Savings

Spanish Building Facade Produces Heat with Solar

Portland, Oregon Bans Fossil Fuel Companies Permanently

Obama Bans Drilling in Parts of Arctic and Atlantic

Chorus of Groups and Citizens Demand 100% Renewable Energy by 2050

Heartland Institute Climate Denialists Attack EPA Fracking Report

Methane Emissions Are Soaring and Agriculture Is to Blame

Divestment From Fossil Fuels Passes $5 Trillion

Energy Efficiency Jobs: Nearly 1.9 Million and Growing

Senate Finally Approves Flint Aid—At California's Expense

Warning of Global Havoc as Possible Arctic 'Tipping Points' Pile Up

Under Shadow of Trump, Lame Duck Obama Unveils Bold Climate Plan

Temps Put Arctic Sea Ice at Lowest Levels Ever For This Time of Year

Video: Elon Musk Bets Big on Solar Shingles, Hoping to Resuscitate the Residential BIPV Product Category

Behind the North Dakota Pipeline Thuggery, 17 Banks are Quietly Backing the Project. Let Them Know You're Not Going to Sit Silently on the Sidelines

Killing the Wonder: New Report Says World Faces Death of Two-Thirds of Wildlife by 2020

Kansas Town Destroyed by Tornado Rebuilds with Wind Power and a Green Energy Grid

As Matthew Threatens, Florida Governor Slammed for Climate Denialism

Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently

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