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These Green Building Resources are for You!

View one or all of these informative free webinars.

  1. Everything You Need to Know about Selling & Marketing Green Homes. This free on-demand webinar hosted by CR Herro, the vice president for Environmental Affairs from Meritage Homes, explores the reasons, best practices, and lessons learned over the last decade in building, marketing, and selling homes built above code for energy efficiency, durability, health, and comfort.
  2. Code Alert: 8 Must-Know Requirements in the Energy Code. A free on-demand webinar in which code expert Jim Meyers offers insights into the most pressing requirements in the changing energy code.
  3. The Energy Rating Index (ERI): A Must-Know Code Compliance Path The use of renewables as an “energy savings” strategy and potential trade-off for other efficiency features in a house has been very controversial in the 2018 ICC IECC Code Development process.
  4. Building Science Innovations for Net Zero Energy Homes, Parts 1 and 2 with Steve Easley.
  5. 2018 Code Hearings Roundup: What We Know Now with Maureen Guttman, President of the Building Codes Assistant Project.
  6. Smart Home Evolution: Intelligent, Connected, and Solar with Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman.
  7. Building Beyond NetZero with Dr. Joe Lstiburek.
  8. How current residential construction practices using HERS line up with the IECC and the ERI path with Jim Meyers.
  9. Attract More Customers with Home Energy Ratings with Les Lazareck.
  10. Financing Options for Commercial Energy Efficiency Projects with Walter Cuculic.
  11. Leveraging Advanced Technology and Blockchain to Create the Ultimate Demand-Side Energy Management Strategy with Sam Hartnett.
  12. Seizing America’s Renewable Energy Future: Getting to 100% Renewable with Martin O'Malley
  13. Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Energy Efficiency with Matt Power
  14. Evolving Energy Markets: Blockchain and Demand-Side Energy Management with Sam Hartnett
  15. 2018 IECC Update with Shaunna Mozingo 
  16. Everything you Need to Know about LEED v4 Interior Design + Construction with Alicia Snyder-Carlson
  17. Getting to LEED® v4 BD+C: It’s Not as Hard as you Think with Richard Manning

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