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Why Does Wemo Choose the Path of Lame-O?

Posted by Matt Power, Editor-In-Chief

Mar 21, 2019 9:00:12 PM

One of my pet peeves is when mulitmillion dollar companies won't do a little more R&D to solve glaring weaknesses in their products.wemo lame-o application

And right now, as I sit here with two useless Belkin Wemo Insights in my lap, and I'm feeling grumpy. I already have one Wemo network set up to run a few devices, and I want to run a few more on another network, but the App won't let me. It's that simple, and it's not like Wemo hasn't known about this problem for at least a year. Add this to the other big Wemo throwback...most of the devices only run on 2.4 ghz bandwidth, so they won't even work with 5 gig routers that are not dual band! Surprise!

Instead of ranting on, let me cut and paste what other Wemo users have said about this pathetic networking problem. These posts were from October 2017, well over a year ago:

"I've got two different wifi networks in my house (one in the basement, one upstairs). One device is in each location.  Is there any reason this wouldn't work?  I have to connect to the appropriate wifi network to make changes to the device on that network. But will the app work across two different networks? (ie, if I'm on the upstairs network most of the time, will the device on the downstairs network keep working, and remember the scheduled on/off times I gave it?"--Cathy W

"When will we be able to access WEMO devices from multiple networks?  I have a vacation home that has wemo and it's a pain to get WEMO to work when there is only one smart phone to control a different wemo geographical location.  My smart thermostat that uses one app can monitor and I have access to both locations....SO WEMO com'on man!!"--Colt725

"I agree, I do not understand why all devices need to be on the same network. This seems like a huge oversight. I have a Wemo mini at home and at work. I setup the one at work first for remote control. My app wont show my local unit at home, even when I'm connected to the same network. If I use the Wemo app on another device, the local home Wemo pops right up. You should be able to remote control multiple devices where ever they are, this is the 21st century after all..."--PsuFan

I couldn't agree with these criticisms more. In the fast changing marketplace of smart devices, if Belkin can't turn on a dime and fix a major weakness in their products like this, they don't deserve to be a brand leader. Let's hope they stop ignoring this message and fix th problem (s) pronto.

As I was finishing this article, I also did a little research on other products, such as thermostats. For example, the Sensi brand of smart thermostat from Emerson has already solved this technical challenge. You can use the same app to control multiple Sensi thermostats in multiple locations on different networks. Case closed.--Editor


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