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Time to Breathe Easy

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Breathing Room

Healthy Homes, Healthy Buildings

UL and the Center for Active Design Launch a Revolutionary Partnership, Bringing Together Industry Leading Building and Product Health Certifications

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6 Troubling IAQ Facts

Healthier Spaces for a Healthier Bottom Line

Household Air Pollution: The Forgotten Hazard

Study Shows Exposure to Cleaning Products Causes Lung Damage Equal to Smoking 20 Packs of Cigarettes a Day

Is Your Home Healthy? Ask the DNA

Don’t Mess With Asbestos

Improving Indoor Air Quality Starts in the Bedroom

Short-Term Exposure to Low Levels of Air Pollution Linked With Premature Death Among U.S. Seniors

Research: Closing Your Bedroom Door at Night Can Make Your Sick

Swamp Creatures Want Us To Believe That Toxic Air is Good for Kids

LEED-ing the Way to a Healthy Home

Indoor Air Quality: Talk Is Cheap

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Mold & Dust Mites: How Your Basement Impacts Indoor Air Quality

Study: Air Pollution Makes People as Miserable as the Death of a Spouse

Central Valley: No "Green Valley" Anymore

Irish Indoor Air Study Deserves a Second Look As Cities Become More Polluted

Study: Even Short Term Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Risk of Stroke for a Week or More

Outdoor Air Pollution Linked to Millions of Preterm Births

Air Purifier Sales Skyrocket in India's Polluted Cities, But Experts Warn that Some Types May Actually Worsen Risks

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Build Healthier Homes with CertainTeed AirRenew

Five Innovative Ways to Build Healthier Homes

New Type of Drywall Can Play a Role in Improving Indoor Air Quality

Potentially Harmful Chemicals Widespread in Household Dust

Central Vacuum Systems: Not Just for New Homes

Developing Tools to Measure IAQ

Optimizing Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality in Building Design

OSHA: Dust Collection Might Prevent Asthma and Nasal Cancer

Six Tips to Deal with Water Damage and Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air Pollution Causes Wrinkles and Premature Aging

Furniture Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

Alliance Urges Builders to Help Prevent Asthma with Proper Home Seal

Air Pollution Worsening at an “Alarming Rate”

Relieve Indoor Allergies With These 9 Tips

How's Your Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality?

Cradle to Cradle Choices for Builders and Architects Expand

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Study: High Ceilings and Strong Chimney Drafts Reduce Wood Stove Pollution

Southern California Responds to Air Pollution by Temporarily Banning Indoor and Outdoor Wood Burning

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Bathroom Venting: Is Down Better than Up?

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UK Study: Tighter Homes will Double Asthma Cases by 2050

Low VOC Paints, Stains and Finishes

Survey: Most Consumers Care About Indoor Air Quality, But Not About VOCs

Ventilating Crawl Spaces: The Wrong Way and the Right Way

Monitor Reports Dust, Vibration and Noise Via Email or Text

Contractors and Pros Should Look Harder at CARB Ratings on Small Generators

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Taking Home Toxic Furnishings from Target

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Better Air Quality For Your Home

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Modular Marvels

Room-Sized Air Scrubbers

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Indoor Air Quality: An Inside Job

Indoor Air Quality: The Human Side of Green

Leaky Ducts: A New Way to Seal the Deal

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Breathing Easier: Combating the Asthma Epidemic

Trouble Breathing? Look to the Most Common Sources of Indoor Pollution

Central Vacuum Systems: Not Just for New Homes

New Insurance Program for IAQ and Mold Liability

Nonprofit Seeks Help Assisting Asthmatic Children

Formaldehyde in Building Products: Back in Focus

Paint: No VOCs are Good VOCs

A New Ventilated Door Leads to Improved Air Quality

Sensors Will Push Builders to Address IAQ Issues

Quiet Areas Often Correlate with Better Air Quality

EPA: Want Cleaner Air? Throw Out Your Incense and Candles

Range Hoods: Clearing the (Kitchen) Air

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Manage Air Flow to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Sure, Duct Cleaning Scams Happen, But That Doesn't Mean You Should Ignore Nasty Ductwork

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Sealing Ducts Prevents Dangerous Furnace Fumes From Entering the Home—and Saves Energy