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50 Eco-Friendly Products Selected by Green Builder's Editors



This quiet, variable-speed heat pump features longer run times at lower speeds, controlling humidity for a more comfortable environment. With an efficiency rating of 19.75 SEER, the XV20i can yield up to 60 percent in energy savings, compared to an industry standard heat pump. The CleanEffects system filters incoming air to eliminate dust, pollen and other irritants, creating a cleaner, healthier home. The compressor comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

Trane XV20i Heat Pump

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This two-part, latex-based foam seals cracks and penetrations through a building envelope, and from floor to floor. Approved for use as a fireblock, and around plumbing penetrations and electrical wireways, it’s the only self-forming gasket system offering energy code compliance. By keeping airborne moisture from entering wall cavities, EnergyComplete also reduces the chance of mold growth, and creates a first line of defense against insects and other pests. This sealant is non-allergenic, and safe to use without a chemical mask or ventilation suit.

Owens Corning EnergyComplete sealant

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This bath/shower surround is made of Vikrell, a
solid composite material comprised of resins, fiberglass, and filler, exclusive to Kohler. The material has earned GREENGUARD Gold Certification,
which helps buyers identify products and materials that have low chemical emissions and improve air quality. Compression molded panels interlock, and hang directly on studs—no caulk required. The color of this durable material is solid throughout, and
won’t chip or stain.

Sterling Ensemble Medley bath/shower

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