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50 Eco-Friendly Products Selected by Green Builder's Editors



This system allows homeowners to control lighting, heating and cooling, security, electronics and more, and makes automatic energy usage adjustments to boost efficiency. Energy-saving features, like vacation mode and the automatic shut-off of lights and electronics when not in use, can help homeowners save up to 30 percent. The power monitor lets users track energy usage in real time, and compare daily, weekly, monthly and annual usage; a Web portal and mobile app are also available.

Schneider Home Energy Management System

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An electrochromic coating covers one surface of this insulated glass, which allows it to tint electronically in response to changing conditions outside. By admitting natural daylight and rejecting unwanted solar energy, this product reduces air conditioning and lighting costs. It blocks up to 90 percent of solar radiation during peak cooling demand periods—saving the most energy when energy costs are at their highest. Dynamic Glass will automatically transition through four variable tints, or can be controlled by a user.

View Dynamic Glass

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With keyless entry, built-in alarms and durable design, this multi-function lock offers control via simple access codes, so homeowners never have to worry about losing, hiding, carrying, or forgetting their house keys again. Schlage Connect works with your home via computer, tablet or smartphone with the service provider of your choice and get the exact features* you want, enabling homeowners to manage their home security from anywhere. At ANSI Grade 1, Schlage Connect boasts the highest level of security and durability for residential door locks.

Other features:

  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen with matte finish to protect your residential security deadbolt lock against fingerprints and smudges 
  • Anti-pick shield protects against lock tampering 
  • Strong motorized bolt automatically locks and unlocks when a user code is entered 
  • Build-in Alarm Technology senses movement of the door and alerts homeowners with an audible alert
  • Select between three touchscreen alarm door lock alerts: activity, tamper or forced entry alert
  • Employs Z-Wave®, a wireless technology that makes your house smarter, safer and far more convenient, 
  • Holds up to 30 user codes 
  • Easy installation with just a screwdriver- no wiring required

*Connectivity features dependent upon service provider

Schlage Connect

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When in use, these screens block the sun’s rays and decrease a building’s cooling energy demand. They also provide natural ventilation, insect protection and privacy. Integrating the screens with home automation systems and sun and wind sensors enables them to respond to the outdoor environment automatically; they can also be programmed for specific conditions. Executive screens fit single openings as large as 25’ wide and 16’ tall, and can be controlled via a remote or wall-mounted control. They come with a limited lifetime warranty.

PhantomScreens Executive retractable motorized screens

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These aluminum-clad wood windows are the company’s most energy-efficient offering, and the only wood windows available with triple-paned glass. Advanced low-E triple insulating glass with argon blocks up to 97 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays; some operable units in this series have a u-factor as low as 0.25. Between-the-glass blinds, shades, decorative panels, and grilles snap in and out via a proprietary hinged glass panel, for a wide range of design possibilities.

Pella Designer Series casement window

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This rustic hardwood collection features individually scraped, 5”-wide planks, and is made with domestic species at three U.S. manufacturing facilities. American Scrape comes in either 3/8” engineered hickory planks, or 3/4” solid hickory or oak. Both collections offer ten regionally inspired colors and a lifetime warranty, which reduces the environmental impact of replacing or remodeling floors in the future.  

Armstrong American Scrape hardwood flooring

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This tongue-and-groove, wide-plank flooring is healthy for both your home and the environment. An FSC-certified, rapidly renewable, strand bamboo wear layer covers an FSC- and CARB II-certified eucalyptus plywood core, yielding a stable, lightweight product that’s 160 percent harder than oak. A zero-VOC, hardwax oil finish ensures better indoor air quality, durability and simple maintenance. Vantage II comes in smooth or wire-brushed texture options.

Teragren Vantage II bamboo flooring

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This wide plank flooring collection is made in the U.S. from domestic eastern white pine. The 11”-wide planks come in solid wood construction, and in lengths from 3 to 14’. The four organic colors, ranging from dark grey to nutty brown, are finished with Carlisle Custom Coat, a pre-finish with no measureable VOCs. Carlisle recycled four million pounds of wood in 2012, which was turned into wood pellets used for heating.

Carlisle Sunapee Lake flooring

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Windfall now offers a lighter and more flexible ¼” panel, with the same visual attributes as its ¾” product. These panels are manufactured in the U.S., using solid and glue-laminated beams and lumber reclaimed from deconstructed industrial, agricultural and residential buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Perfect for interior paneling and casework, these panels show characteristic nail holes, staining, finger joints and other reclaimed marks, and come in a variety of stains and finishes.

Windfall Lumber 1/4” Engineered Panel

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Onyx Solar has launched the first colored photovoltaic glass adapted to construction standards. This PV pavement can be integrated into any project, including floors, curtain walls, facades and skylights. It comes in four standard sizes and a rainbow of color and transparency configurations, including the option to incorporate an LED backlighting system. The Walkable PV Floor complies with anti-slip regulations, supports 400 kg in point load tests, and reaches almost the same efficiency levels as any other photovoltaic building material.

Onyx Solar Walkable PV Floor

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Uponor is the first company to offer a pre-insulated crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing. The core of this product is AquaPEX: a flexible, durable, corrosion-resistant product with a 20-year proven history, and a 25-year limited warranty. A half-inch layer of foam helps potable water lines meet energy code requirements. Pre-insulated AquaPEX features the same tight bend radius as AquaPEX, and because the insulation is already on the tubing, it eliminates the hassle of insulating in tight, confined spaces. It also reduces waste and hot water delivery wait times.

Uponor Pre-Insulated AquaPEX

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This quiet, variable-speed heat pump features longer run times at lower speeds, controlling humidity for a more comfortable environment. With an efficiency rating of 19.75 SEER, the XV20i can yield up to 60 percent in energy savings, compared to an industry standard heat pump. The CleanEffects system filters incoming air to eliminate dust, pollen and other irritants, creating a cleaner, healthier home. The compressor comes with a 12-year limited warranty.

Trane XV20i Heat Pump

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Designed for smaller residential applications with up to 1.5 baths, the E50C touts the highest efficiency of any combi boiler on the market: 95.6 percent AFUE. With an input range of 13,600 to 50,000 Btu, this new boiler can be fueled by natural gas or propane, and is wall-mounted to save space. All Rinnai E Series boilers feature a high-performing, durable, stainless-steel heat exchanger, and comply with low-NOx requirements.

Rinnai E50C condensing combi boiler

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Aquatherm’s latest offering is a thinner version of its 4” blue pipe. It delivers roughly a 20 percent higher flow volume than SDR 11, but at a lower cost and 35 percent less weight. Appropriate for hydronics, geothermal systems, cooling, air compression and industrial applications, Blue Pipe boasts advantages over PVC and other piping alternatives: it’s lightweight, non-corrosive, durable and fully recyclable. All Aquatherm pipe is made from Fusiolen polypropylene, a chemically stable compound that won’t leach into water.

Aquatherm Blue Pipe SDR 17.6

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This Energy Star-certified package comes ready for installation, decreasing the learning curve for customers who are new to solar. SolPak includes a Solaraide tank, collectors, controller, multi-speed pump, mixing valve, glycol solution (for closed-loop option) and thermal expansion tank. These systems can provide up to 80 percent of a home’s hot water, depending on the climate. Customers can choose a system with either gas or electric backup, and tank and collector sizes to meet their demand.

Rheem SolPak solar water heating

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