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Green Builder Hot 50 Products

In a time of anxiety and change, innovations that promise resilience still matter.

Remember a few months ago, when we seemed to have different priorities? When things that now seem trivial seemed to matter so much?

Our team at Green Builder intends to keep moving forward, to inspire the shelter industry to prepare for its inevitable recovery. One way to do that is to highlight product innovation that makes homes more energy efficient; more water-efficient; in short, more resilient. Our role in society—providing safe, affordable shelter—is essential.

Here are 50 products that can help jump start and improve the post-pandemic building industry.

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Featured Hot 50 Products



Welcome to the command center for homeowner comfort and dealer efficiency. The iComfort S30® Ultra Smart Thermostat from Lennox is more than a temperature regulator. It’s the command center for the entire Ultimate Comfort System™, with the ability to monitor sensors in each piece of equipment. It keeps in constant contact with dealers to ensure proactive responses. No more downtime or guesswork. Only solutions that keep every system running as perfectly as they should be.  Learn more

Panasonic EverVolt

Panasonic EverVolt AC System-full-web

Panasonic, the world’s largest maker of lithium-ion batteries, is taking a universal approach with its EverVolt residential energy storage system. The new solar product is compatible with any solar system or inverter and can be tailored to a homeowner’s individual needs. EverVolt requires only a one-person installation and is field serviceable. It also comes equipped pre-programmed time-of-use settings to help manage energy consumption and operating cost, advanced software and a user-friendly app for homeowners, allowing customization between multiple operating modes’ visibility into system status. Learn more.


Panasonic Cosmos Healthy Home System

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Cosmos™ is the first connected healthy home system that addresses your customers biggest concern - poor indoor air quality. Cosmos™ works automatically and discreetly in the background to remove contaminated air and moisture from the home, filter recirculated air and draw in fresh, filtered air from outside. Cosmos utilizes open IoT technology to connect to Panasonic’s high-powered ventilation products, including WhisperGreen Select™, WhisperFresh Select™ and WhisperHood IAQ™ to assure occupants breathe clean air for a healthy home. Learn more.

Niagara Nano Super-Efficient Toilet


The Nano dual flush 0.5/0.8 GPF toilet from Niagara® is an ultra-high-efficiency toilet that cleans the bowl in one flush, thanks to the Stealth® Technology.  It’s perfect for small spaces because of its compact elongated bowl, and the flapperless Stealth technology eliminates leaks and minimizes maintenance. The Nano is also backed by an industry-leading 15-year warranty. Learn more.

Kolbe Windows Forgent Series


Kolbe Windows & Doors' dedication to innovation, quality and thoughtful design has led to the Forgent Series. This high-performance product line is comprised of Glastra®, a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer, formulated for strength and resilience. Multiple chambers in an advanced ladder design promote long-term durability and enhanced energy efficiency for comfortable homes. These windows also support job-site success with short lead times and three easy installation methods. Learn more.

LG Multi V™ 5 Offers Superior All-Climate Comfort


The Multi V™ 5 comes standard with LGRED° heat technology making it a superior, all-year weather HVAC solution for commercial applications. With an expanded operating range (continuous operation in ambient conditions down to -22°F and cooling up to 122° F), the Multi V™ 5 is a robust solution for year-round comfort having recently won Green Builder Media's 2020 Sustainability Award for the Green Innovation of the Year category. Click here to learn more information about the Multi V™ 5 and additional LG HVAC products. Learn more.


Greenfire Flameslayer web

GreenFire® fire suppressant is everything its name implies. Unlike many other chemicals used in firefighting, GreenFire doesn’t harm the environment, waterways, people or animals. Its non-corrosive, specialized foam composition has even been certified by NSF International as being safe around food. That’s great news for homeowners, people with pets or anyone who is into recreational activities, and even people who build and service homes. Learn more.

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