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LG Launches Redesigned Heat Recovery Units

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Aug 31, 2018 8:52:16 AM

New HVAC Systems Offer Greater Installation Flexibility, Increased Capacity and an Improved Design

Air conditioning technologies innovator LG Electronics has launched its redesigned Heat Recovery Units (HRUs) in the United States. Previewed at AHR Expo 2018, the upgraded HRUs offer enhanced installation flexibility, an improved system pipe configuration, as well as the addition of six- and eight-port models.

With hybrid piping, the redesigned HRUs capitalize on the best of series and parallel system layouts reducing the number of branches and the amount of piping needed. The redesigned HRUs also feature vertically aligned system pipe configuration which streamlines the installation process and lessens the risk of mismatching pipes. The improved bottom access to the electrical panel on the HRUs minimizes the required clearance from feet down to inches, maximizing installation and service flexibility. These enhanced design features combined with the LG HRUs increased capacity per port further improves system design flexibility.

“Our redesigned Heat Recovery Units exemplify how LG delivers high-performing, energy-efficient technologies that complement a project’s design,” said Kevin McNamara, senior vice president and general manager, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA. “These HRU upgrades are a direct result of customer feedback, and LG’s commitment to provide our partners with the products they need to be successful.”

Industry-leading performance and efficient HVAC systems have become a hallmark of the LG Air Conditioning Technologies brand in the United States, and the redesigned HRU line is no exception, McNamara explained. By adding the option for models with more ports and increasing the capacity per port, the redesigned HRUs can reduce the amount of labor and materials needed for a project, enabling engineers to better match the product specified to the application. 

For more information on LG’s complete portfolio of air conditioning systems visit lghvac.com.

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