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What Makes a Dishwasher Green?



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    The more hot water used in appliances, the higher the energy bills.

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Tips for More Efficiency

Dishwashers produced before 1994 typically use 10 gallons per load more water than modern units. considering that the average home washes over 300 loads per year, reducing the amount of water can quickly lower utility bills. Dishwashers that offer cycle selections and energy-saving options can help reduce the amount of water you use.

To dissolve detergent and remove grease, dishwashers require extremely hot water. Many dishwashers now come with a "booster" or internal heating element that raises the incoming water temperature to the required 140 F. This can allow you to lower the temperature on your water heater and still allow your dishwasher to operate at optimum levels. Some dishwashers offer the booster cycle, but only if you select "heavy duty."

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