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Green Builder's 2018 Eco-Leaders

This year’s Eco-Leaders face a growing list of environmental challenges


How safe is that building component? Just read the AADSS label. More

AZEK Building Products

EcoLeaders AZEK Building ProductsThe 2017 target: proactive global community involvement. Heavily recycled content means
lighter environmental impact. More

Cali Bamboo

EcoLeaders Cali BambooThis manufacturer maintains a high, educational profile.  More



EcoLeaders CarbonCureWhat’s strong becomes stronger with this recycled, retrofit technology. More

Centrica Business Solutions

EcoLeaders Centrica Business SolutionsThis historic company’s green influence is everywhere. More

Crossville, Inc.

EcoLeaders CrossvilleInstead of being tossed into the landfill, discarded porcelain tile gets a second life in homes and offices. More

Hunter Industries, Inc.

EcoLeaders Hunter IndustriesWhen it comes to sustainability, Hunter is definitely in control. More

Ingersoll Rand

EcoLeaders Ingersoll RandSustainability has many facets—as this company’s portfolio shows. More


EcoLeaders mafiWhen it comes to natural wood flooring, this company sets a gold standard. More


EcoLeaders Navien

For this condensing tech leader, water is a very hot topic. More

Panasonic EcoSolutions

EcoLeaders Panasonic

Masters of ventilation and airflow. More


EcoLeaders Rheem

Devising innovative ways to improve water heating and HVAC efficiency. More


EcoLeaders Toyota

The auto giant has relentlessly improved hydrogen fuel cell technology. More


EcoLeaders Uponor

For this heating and cooling systems provider, it pays to be flexible. More

Whirlpool Corp.

EcoLeaders Whirlpool

The home appliance giant has a 'ReNEWW' approach to energy savings. More

Honorable Mention

These six companies deserve mention for their environmental efforts. More

Change Makers

Meet the trailblazers who have made green thinking a lifelong effort. More



GBM 2017 Eco-Leaders


What’s the No. 1 way to promote sustainability? For this year’s Eco-Leaders, the answer is to focus on the task at hand, and do a better job--in terms of product design, transportation and manufacturing. For consumers, the benefits are many: Lower water bills. More-efficient heating. A lighter electric load. Cleaner indoor air. Less landfill trash. All come with a big “thank you” to the folks who set them on a greener path.

Some of the environmental trendsetters are veterans to our annual list, offering new examples of how they’re leading the charge against climate change and other eco-hazards. Others are newbies making the roster with their innovative green efforts.

There are the two surfers who turned a part-time job into a world-renowned bamboo furniture company. The porcelain tile manufacturer with a knack for reusing its product. A chemical-free wood flooring maker. And more.

This year’s list also features a number of companies that are making continued progress in their efforts to take charge of how they handle the environment, or that are fringe businesses that you may or may not realize have ties to green building.

And then there are the change makers, corporate trailblazers who have personal reasons for leading the ever-growing green vanguard.

All these stories make for quite a full house. In an industry that relies upon how sustainably homes are built, that’s a very good thing.