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Green Builder Magazine

Green Builder's 2017 Eco-Leaders

This year’s Eco-Leaders find innovative solutions to reduce their impact on the environment and address the effects of climate change.


On its way to carbon neutral, big changes lie ahead over the next decade. More

Siemens Sterling Ranch web.jpg

Jinko Solar

The 2017 target: proactive
global community involvement. More

JinkoSolar Home web.jpg

Toyota Motor Corp.

Here’s a six-pronged environmental
road to net positive. More

TMNA Headquarters web.jpg

Delta Electronics

World sustainability efforts are still a top priority. More

Delta LED web.jpg

Ingersoll Rand

Combating climate change remains #1 on this company’s ‘To Do’ list. More

Ingersoll Rand web.jpg

Panasonic Corp. of N.A.

The environmental partnership continues in the form of solar, clean air and net zero. More

Panasonic_lantern web.jpg

Owens Corning

Wind power usage is on the way up for this insulation and green roofing leader. More

Owens-Corning web.jpg

LG Electronics USA

Controlling the company’s carbon footprint is all part of a lifecycle. More

LG Euclid web.jpg

Also in the Green

Here are a few other firms that are expanding their commitment to sustainability —and product lines. More.

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2017 Green Builder Media Eco Leaders

From aggressive greenhouse gas emission reductions to net-zero goals to active community outreach, this year’s Eco-Leaders are actively pursuing sustainable initiatives and community leadership roles befitting of their status as manufacturing giants.

Targeting power and water use in its manufacturing plants and beefing up recycling programs, these Eco-Leaders are working hard to give back at least some of the natural resources that they are extracting from the planet.

While some are undergoing serious in-house manufacturing sustainability changes and improvements, others are generously sponsoring eco-friendly industry programs or serving on sustainable committees.

By empowering its employees to get involved as well, these companies are working hard to make a difference.

—Barbara Horwitz-Bennett