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Free Ebook Download: “Today’s Smart + Solar Home”

Jinko Solar Ebook

This new resource details the convergence of residential solar and smart home tech and shows how solar delivers utility savings and increased resale value for today’s homeowners.

Sections include:

  • How to start the solar process (the first step may surprise you)
  • What to look for in a panel (four easy determinants)
  • How to find the right installer (bigger isn’t necessarily better)
  • What equipment will go on the roof (how panels, racking, inverters integrate with the roof)
  • How to pay for a system (5 ways to go, plus a cool new financing app from GreenSky)
  • How solar works with a connected home (highlighting the Enphase MyEnlighten app)
  • Common questions answered (there’s no dumb question!)
  • Pervasive myths debunked (they’ve stood in the way of solar adoption ... until now)

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