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Scotland Plans to Install Wind Turbines on Lamp Posts

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Feb 13, 2017 10:33:00 AM

Wind turbines being installed on posts in the UK and Scotland could generate $500 million in economic benefits annually. Two UK Companies, NVT Group and green technology innovator Own Energy Solutions are collaborating on a project that will create 25 new jobs in the next twelve months, and is estimated to rise to around 300 jobs within three years. The jobs will come from installing small wind turbines on the tops of lampposts. According to the NVT Group's press release, 

Own Energy has developed a small wind turbine and inverter system to harvest wind energy using lampposts as hosts.  The raw energy produced by the turbine is conditioned via a bespoke inverter, resulting in metered clean energy being fed directly into the IMG_0958.jpgNational Grid.  As a result, each suitable lamppost conversion will save half a ton of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

Stephen Park Brown, Managing Director of NVT Group, said, “We have a great record of working with winning teams and this new venture has every prospect of eclipsing our recent commissions.  We believe that Own Energy can become a significant player in the renewables market both in the UK and beyond.”

Serial Scottish entrepreneur David Gordon, Chief Executive of Own Energy, said, “We chose to partner with NVT Group based on its extraordinary performance in recent years, particularly in the delivery of the technology for world-class sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – which of course was widely regarded as the most successful in history.

“Our business is likely to scale up quickly and we know that NVT Group will be able to accommodate such growth based on its past experience. There are around ten million lampposts in the UK and upwards of 20 percent of these are suitable for conversion which makes this a very scalable business opportunity with huge export potential.

“We have already had positive preliminary discussions with UK public and private bodies and have had indications of interest from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and South Africa.  We believe this business has the potential to achieve an annual UK turnover of over £400m within five years.”

Local SNP MSP, Richard Lyle said: “This is marvellous news and I know from colleagues across the political divide that this project is really firing the imagination.  It chimes with the policies of the major political parties in Scotland and can deliver both clean green energy as well as meaningful financial benefits for hosts such as local government and private owners alike.  Bringing jobs to Bellshill is also to be welcomed. I wish both NVT and Own Energy well in this exciting new energy project.”

Contact: Graham Stevenson Marketing Manager, NVT Group


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