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Adara Power Begins Taking Orders for Home Batteries Stackable Up to 20 kWh

Posted by Green Builder Staff

Apr 26, 2017 12:28:00 PM

Priced at about $5000, the 20kWh batteries have enough capacity to make true off-grid living possible for mainstream solar customers.adara pulse.png

I had a long talk with the president of Adara last fall, about the company's plans for residential solar batteries. He told me they'd be introducing a 20 kwH system this spring, and they've now begun taking orders for third-quarter delivery. The Pulse works on a stackable module principle. An intelligent battery system, the 5.5 kWh units are stackable, and driven by Adara’s iC3 Smart Controls technology. That means they optimize energy use, extend battery life and self-diagnose for any errors or abnormalities.

The Adara Pulse can be ordered now to take advantage of the California Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), a ratepayer-funded rebate program available to customers of the major California investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SCE, LADWP, & SDGE). The Adara Pulse will be scheduled for nationwide delivery and installation during the third quarter of 2017.

Adara Pulse 5.5kW / 20kWh System

Retail Price = $15,500
ITC  = $4,650
SGIP Incentive = $4,917
Net Cost = $5,933*

Adara Pulse 5.5kW / 10kWh System

Retail Price = $10,800
ITC = $3,240
SGIP Incentive = $3,278
Net Cost = $4,282*

Given that energy storage systems can also qualify for the Federal Incentive Tax Credit (ITC), a 30% reduction on parts and labor, when installed in conjunction with solar power, systems can be purchased at considerable savings.

The company is now taking orders.

Founded in 2013, Adara Power (formerly JuiceBox Energy) is committed to providing safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected storage for renewable energy. Adara Power storage solutions are designed to support consumer self-consumption and enable a resilient, renewable energy grid in order to power a cleaner, sustainable planet. For more information, visit www.adarapower.com and follow us on Twitter: @adarapower. Phone: +1 (888) 692-3272 Web: www.adarapower.com Email: info@adarapower.com

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